Updates: OBC, The Beverlyn Label and wedding shiz.


Husband went for a birthday dinner with his friends and I decided to watch this. 

It's a really controversial one and I am still not sure how I feel about it. And then for some reason, I decided to move on to 13 Reasons Why. 

The husband came home and asked, 'why are u always watching such shows?' 

Well, I majored in psych for a reason, no? Haha, I'm weird. Let's move on to happy stuff. Haven't really used the #dayrebrides tag in a while!


Wedding Taobao package part I arrived a few days back and my $13 (or was it $15??) veil is here!!! If I'm not wrong, I got the 15m one LOLOLOL I'm legit shocked when I saw how long and huge it is and the lace is so pretty?? 

My gown has a train, not a long one but still, so I decided to get an even longer veil. 自己找麻烦 really 

Also some fake flowers for deco! Thinking either for the angpao box or around the area. My angpao box is....idk. I'm so flippy floppy about what's going on for the decor. 

Just hopefully what's in my head can translate into real life hahaha


Sat down with Netflix one afternoon and I got all the invites done! 

I had a terrible neckache and headache after that from the hours of bending forward but I'm so happy they are all packed.

One huge item checked off ✔️


A sneak of our invite 😍 I love how different it is compared to the ROM one hehe


Can I also say these gold clips from Daiso were like mission impossible to find zomg. I saw them at Vivo once and I didn't pick it up cause I was in a rush and then I couldn't find them in so many Daiso afterwards. Mananged to spot 2 last packs in the Tampines one and I quickly got them. 

My next to-do is actually my bridesmaid kit. Haha I'm really VERY excited to put everything all together. I've shown some sneaks here and there and I hope the final piece would be super lovely. One item I've been considering including is a bralette from #OBC tbh!


When Chow told me she's re-releasing The Lady Boss set in other shades, I think no one can be more excited than me. Won't it be so lovely to include this in a kit? lol I would love to receive one with this leh?! 

Her first piece (the one above), I love to DEATH. Not only me, I received so many DMs and questions about them. Even my SIL loved them.


One of the new shade is this dusty lilac grey that are sooooo soft and pretty. Love that there's a neutral shade included and the other is....


For the ladies who love black! Black is a no-fail and I've taken this in a close-up and adjusted the contrast just so u all can see the amazing details on it. The appliqué placement is so cute and the lace is not garish at all. I love how subtly sexy this range is. 

And I think I know all my BMs well enough to gauge their size 🌚 I've been mentally packing the box together so now I gotta go hunt down a pretty rustic one! I think Artfriend might have??


The most useful part is definitely the packaging. Idk how many plastic wraps I throw out from online clothes shopping but I've kept every single ziplock from #obc. They are so travel friendly, they keep everything neat and compact and they are not opaque so u can see what's inside?? I mean, u can't ask for more lah wtf. I love it. 

Since I'm the topic of clothes.....

The Beverlyn Label is co-owned by one of my fave girls - jojo and I can't believe I knew her when I was 17! The one story I cannot ever forget about her is that she got carded for trying to watch Devil Wears Prada LOLOL She's one of the smallest girl I know HAHAHAH so it's believable and very funny. 

When she reached out to me to send some stuff over, I was more than happy 🙆🏻 Im really not just a makeup-whore. I love clothes. I'm a clothes > shoes girl haha


When i saw this on her IG, I was legit squealing cause it's SO KAWAIIIII. 

I've been eyeing pouch-cases for accessories for awhile now but I haven't been able to find a small affordable one. 

But lookie at this strawberry one 😍 (there's also a mermaid one FYI) but the pink and white in this made me go gaga. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, it's also damn useful.


This is not new. I'm sure this is smth a lot of us have to go through in life. I just untangled a bunch of necklace for Flo just the other day lol. 

If u use a bit of powder (loose or baby), it helps it just FYI haha anyw, this issue gets worse when I travel cause I don't own mini zip locks and I just throw them all in one jewelry dustbag and it goes into my luggage.


But oh gosh, this is so smart! I actually dk if this is the right way to use it but I decided to try it out this way and omg yay!! No more tangled necklaces. I love the clips and dat little pocket. Haha

In the middle, there's this SUPER CUTE drawstring pouch that u can put rings/small earrings in!


And on the other side, I use it for earrings. There's holes on the strap so that's what I used it for. Isn't it so smart???

Perfect for short getaway trips and keeping all ur jewelry neat and tidy?? Luv it.


I also went gaga over the preorders for these SUPER NICE earrings going on the site! It's also on preorder and I was like, I wanna join I wanna join. Gimme all the earrings in this world. I need. U see, I wear a necklace from my late grandma and I don't ever take it off. So I realize if I buy necklace accessories, I don't really wear them. But earrings ♥️😍🤗

I bought an extra of the IKEA earring rack cause I've been filling the existing two I own 🌚🌝 I'm definitely getting the blue and green one!


She also sent me this dress I was eyeing and S is a perfect fit for me. I really want to show a proper ootd but I haven't had a chance to wear it yet. 

Wanted to let y'all know first that it's on backorder and it's gonna end on Sunday! Same goes for the jewelry pouch & earrings . The preorder for those is also ending on Sunday so faster go join! 

I feel like I finally found my...style. Yknow? I used to eye a lot of stuff that looks good on models or other people but I would try them on and I don't like how they look on me. Then they will just be stored in my wardrobe until it's flea-market time.

Recently, I've only been getting stuff that feels me and learning how to pick the right stuff that I know I will personally love and wear. This dress. I love. I know it's me.

In the meantime, let me show y'all a flatlay of how I would style it.


This goes so cutely with the basket trend and I love it matches my comfy bow mules. I can see it with my strappy sandals too 😍 Red lips and some cat eye and it's so cute and retro lah. I love love love. 

I'm keeping this for a dinner this Sunday night so I'll show an ootd after I take it hehe in the meantime, u can go join the backorder! 

Jo also very kindly provided a discount code for you all (I get nth out of it FYI). She just gave it to me for all of u! U can just quote Sweetpea to enjoy 10% off!