Mini room tour!

Whee, okay. It's been a week since we've got back and I feel like the room's more or less done up. Both of us have just conveniently shoved the fact that 6 boxes of stuff are being shipped here as we speak tho, to the back of our minds πŸ™ˆπŸŒš

The room is almost 80% filled alr HAHA Where are all the 6 boxes gonna go, is beyond my imagination right now. But 船到ζ‘₯倴θ‡ͺη„Άη›΄ so I'll settle that when the boxes reach SG lah lol. 

Show y'all the diff...corners of the room I've done up. The husband also has stuff in here but he wanna be private so gotta respect his privacy k. So this is a really mini home sharing πŸ˜‚

My corner! Isn't this such a big opposite compared to my table in Boston. 

Okay, it's a bad comparison seeing as how all my belongings are still on the way here and that's why the table is so empty. But it's where I work and get ready. I only brought back a handful of makeup and they sit in the wardrobe as of now. We've decided that we will only get cabinets/drawers when our stuff comes so we know how much space we need lol (ALOT, probably πŸ˜‚)

My happy area. I love staring at my ring box. I actually got a plain light wooden box from Spotlight. Then it was just choosing the right alphabet stencils before wood staining it and embossing on the date. And that's our ROM invite which I also love to death. 

I've been obsessed with the mini mist that works damn well for table area. Glad I got it! No prize for guessing. Y choice of essential oil πŸ™Š

Been downing water nonstop, thanks to the SIL for my cute Guess bottle 😍

Hehe those mini cactus thingy u see are from Daiso! Omg I couldn't pass it up lah. They are too cute leh???? And they won't die HAHA that's the most important bit. I don't intend to burn them but I did try and sniff it and it just has this light floral scent. Pretty sure they are useless as candles lol ζ‘†ηΎŽηš„ lah. 

The white frame u see above is also from Daiso. I can live in Daiso, I tell u.

I got my coaster from one of those side stalls in Santa Monica and isn't it pretty 😍

We have two huge dressers and that means I have two dresser tops to put stuff on πŸ˜‚ and this is where I place our candles and incense cause me no like bugs in the room. Incense helps a lot with that and both of us actually like the smell of incense. I got this huge box of supposedly-lavender scented ones from Daiso and I haven't tried the others to know if the scent actually makes a difference leh. 

Maybe I'll review Daiso's incense after trying the different ones LOL everything also can review but srsly, Daiso is my fave place for nonsense. I've been to Daiso 4x since I've been back. I haven't been back for long HAHAHA WTF PEA. 

I am also getting abit obsessed with crystals and I have a place where I go get them! But idk what's it called so when I make a visit (maybe next week), I'll get directions and shop name k. Gonna add on somemore πŸ™ƒ

Our bed comes with a ledge at the back so we don't have a need for bedside table. Plus also hor, no space lah tbh, so the ledge is very awesome. 

I have my lantern with fairy lights in it. Yes, my wedding prop is my current night light HAHA Night body moisturizer, hand moisturizer and lip mask are all in that wooden container (also from Daiso!) 

I drink my collagen drink at night so putting them there reminds me to take them before I sleep.

Dresser 2 is right by my table so it's where all my current rotating skincare is kept. I can watch YT and put on skincare (or as my husband calls it - the time of the day when I slap my own face πŸ€£πŸ˜’πŸ™„) 

Tray 1 holds skincare. Tray 2 holds erm, everything else - sunscreen, deodorant, contact lens etc etc etc. I know that's quite a no. of sunscreen but I cannot live without it. Sunscreen is bae. 

All trays from Daiso. HAHAHA Izzit this post sponsored by Daiso lol I wish yah.

I don't hang up my necklaces cause
1. Damn messy
2. Collect dust!!! 
3. I wear more earrings nowadays

So these are just earrings mostly. I got the holder from IKEA for only $2.90 I think!! And I lovvvvvve it. Love it more that it matches my clock heh. 

The holder is damn useful cause if u can see, the top part has hooks so I hang the hoops and hanging stuff, and the parallel parts can hold studs kind. My description suck balls. 

I *THINK* there's black too. Not too sure if a white is available but u can also spray paint any color u want lor. Haha

Okay, lemme show u close-up cause I don't even understand my own description wtf

Close up on how it looks like from front. Im probably gonna get another one cause it's useful and can arrange side-by-side. Satisfy the OCD in me.

How the back looks like. 

The top hooks face both ways so can hang a lot a lot actually. I find them very useful for hoops and dangling earrings. 

I need one more leh!! Full alr this one LOL On the note of earrings, I dont get why Lovisa prices their earrings at such high amount! It's damn ex leh?? I saw some I really wanted to get but wah, I can't justify it. Need a cheaper place to hunt for pretty ones. Or maybe I need to learn how to use TB.

Okay last area. The pink rug is for Paris and is right by the foot of the bed. Our wardrobe just got a revamp! The sliding doors come with full-length mirrors and hubs and I don't have to fight for mirror-time cause it's SO BIG lol. 

And yes, that's a peek of the husband's foot πŸ˜…

Buy her rug but she choose to sleep on the floor liddis