Home + sweetest surprise ♥ + Watsons haul!


Okay, actually have been home for the past few days but wowza, everything happened all at once and it was such a whirl. One of my luggages (the one with ALL our clothes and underwear lol) did not make it back and got stuck in LAX. (I'm actually just damn thankful it's not lost). 

The husband's guitar neck stock broke cause they forced us to check in instead of allowing us to carry on and it's damn sad cause the guitar was his first baby and it's limited ed. 

During the flight, we had crying babies (with parents who dont care) and our row's lights and handsets were completely not working at all. Then we had shitty stuff happening all the way to the flight but I'm not even gonna talk about that 🙄

Right now, I'm just glad to be home ♥️

Okay, I'm gonna finish up last bit of LA that I didn't get to. The hubs gave me a very sweet surprise the last night before we left 😭😍

The SIL was doing some serious shopping along Rodeo Drive when we were there but I wasn't intending to lah?? Broke af cause of wedding yah lol. Plus also, I don't need anything so I was just tagging along and looking at expensive shit. 

Whilst we were at YSL, I was looking at the small monogram purse and it's in this perfect shade of pink. The hubs was asking if I wanted it but I took a look at the tag and was like erm, HAHA no thanks. 

Still, he asked the saleslady to let me check out the purse and tempted me further but I was disciplined *pats on back. 

Cause the SIL was still shopping there, we decided to walk over to Coach cause the hubs wanted to check out the briefcases. He got one from the outlet and we kaypoh lah. Wanna compare prices lol wtf. Damn Singaporean. (But in the end, the outlet wins okay fyi 😂) 

When we got back to find the SIL, she was alr paying and all and she got a couple of stuff from there so they were just packing it into a bag for her. As they were doing that, I walked towards the counter to check out the purse one more time cause it was damn nice lah. AND IT WAS GONE. Like that was the last piece??? Omg I was quite sad but I wasn't sad sad lah. I'm not crazy. I was more amazed at how fast turnovers are. 

At that point, my SIL even added, 'Wah omg? Sold already?? Damn fast?'

The hubs made it a point to go online and check for stocks etc. and they only had 4 pieces of this left in USA. I laughed it off and told him that it's just not fate lah. I didn't need a wallet anyw?? So that was the end of it. Or I thought it was. 

When we got to the Airbnb that night, I was alr all showered, stretching in bed and preparing to turn in. It was our last night and he had some friends hanging out with him when he came into the room. 

He then started saying sweet stuff like it's the end of our US chapter and thanking me for taking care of him esp. throughout his stay at the hospital. My husband is not a romantic person so I was like, 'What's happening? What's wrong???' HAHAHA My mind tends to stray towards the worse lol. 

Then he whipped out the box and I nearly cried??? Apparently he managed to get FJ to sneak it into her purchases so I won't notice??

I wanna die everytime I look at it. It's just so pretty 😍😍😍 Can't believe my husband got it pls wtf. Abit heart pain cause I know the price hahaha 

The Chia siblings damn good actor/actress ah!!! HAHAHA I truly believed someone bought it and it was sold??? How/When did my husband sneaked off to tell FJ??? I was like 😮😮😮 Am I that unobservant or what.

One of the first thing we did was to re-pack the husband's room when we got back cause it was used as storage for the past 5 years. 

Went to pick out some small stuff and I'm putting together a'lil corner! No more marble table alr. After playing around with it in the US, I've decided that's not my style at all. I still prefer boho-looking stuff afterall 😍

Of course I went to Watsons the second I got back. Immediately stocked up on a bunch of sunscreen cause I ain't gonna get darker after LA. I'm like, 2 shades darker rn so I have a few months to get back to ultimate fairness for the wedding HAHA

Sorry, this is gonna be ultimate boring Watsons haul LOL

What I picked up! 

Moist Diane Lavender Shampoo - this wasn't sent to me ah. I HAD TO get it the second I knew they came out with this. I'm in a lavender-obsessed phase right now

Vaseline Spray Moisturizer - Finally. A fragrance-free moisturizer. I love that my moisturizer doesn't interfere with my perfumes and whatnot ✌🏼 Also, this is my first body moisturizer that goes on immediately after I shower so my skin doesn't dry out while I do my face. Then after I'm all done with face stuff...

Nivea Night White Firming Body Serum - Second moisturizer! Im really tan rn - it's ridiculous. I don't have much hope that this works but wtv lah. Beggars can't be choosers. Anyone have a good whitening lotion to recommend 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Would greatly appreciate it! 

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen - V excited Watsons brought it in. Heard that it's really good so I am v excited to try it out. 

Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel - Body sunscreen! Im finally back to the land of Asian sunscreen which are not sticky/heavy/oily 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻 I got this cause it's in such a huge bottle so I can spam it all I want hehe plus omg so lightweight and no sunscreen smell. Major love. Also, show y'all the packaging 👇🏼

Can protect against environmental particles???? HAHAHA I'm a sucker really but okay lah, it's really quite a big bottle plus I'm not usually v fussy about body sunscreen's ingredients.

The photographer sent over the edited images alr!! Wheeee 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻 I'm soooo happy with them and here's a sneak at one of the candids LOL I'll leave it to another post so I can go pick out the nice ones k. Got 200+ to look thru. 

Also, the husband went, 'Omg look the finger is poking ur boob.' 


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