First Red Sox Game!

Today is a saäàãd day. 

I love my SWS products. I do. The masks I've used from them are undoubtedly one of the better-formulated products out there. You can read my full review here. They have given me clear/bright/zen skin every time I use it.

However, after testing this 3 separate times, weeks apart each time, I've officially decided to retire this and am gonna pass it to my mom. 

Saaaaad because I really heard awesome stuff about this and want it to work so bad but nope. 🙅🏻

Everytime I test this, teeny tiny zits will appear and my pores starts clogging after 3-day (AM/PM) use. There's this one stubborn one left after 3 days but most of them are gone alr. 

When this happens, I would stop the use of it and go with my Uriage K18 so most of them have already disappeared overnight cause I don't let it get worse lah hahah SAD LAH. 

I attribute the breakouts to carrageenan (condrus crisps) - this is an acne-causing ingredient, present in the ingredient list and also because none of my current products contain this. I've sat down and down a cross-check with all my current products. 

If you're using this and breaking out, here's your answer lol. If you're interested in trying it to see if it suits u, go get a sample instead cause this is pricy af.

I've went back to my other First Essence options instead and to list my faves in order: 
1. Estée Lauder Microessence
2. Laneige Clear_C Advanced Effector

These brighten my skin up instantly and don't give me any issues! However, if u r sensitive to fermented ingredients, First Essence is probably not suitable for u~

We headed to Target yesterday to run more errands! Target has plenty plenty plenty of graphic tees for men and kids and we wanted Harry Potter tees cause we are heading to HP world in Universal!! Idk why they don't do female graphic tees tho 🤔 Well, anyws.

Lol couple tees much? 

I had to pick mine out of the kid's section and I got it in a Large HAHAHA Fits me perfectly leh! Perks of having child-sized body is it 😂


We went yesterday and we didn't wanna queue so we decided to pre-buy today's tix instead. That's how I ended up shopping at Target. But zomg beautiful weather and I'm looking forward to some beer and nuts. 

The husband gave me a crash course on it yesterday so I kinda understand LOL.

Junk food all day 🙌🏼 Game day so must eat junk food lah??? I hate alcohol but I'm slightly partial to Stella cause it's sweet hahaha

If you're in Boston, visit Regina's in the North End. They do the BEST pizza in this world. I kid u not.

This feels SO SURREAL!!! Pictures and tv shows do not do this justice. Fenway Park is so grand irl!

Cause we looking so super cute here hahaha and mandatory shot lah!

Also, can u tell my husband just continue chewing his nachos right through this selfie. He just entertain me only for realz

Gosh, there's so many people! Idk what I was expecting but there's SO many people 😳

Red Sox is up so YAY!!! The amount of enthusiasm and love for the team is real man. And it's really quite easy to catch the gist. I mean, I'm no expert but I know when they strike and when they score so gist of it! HAHAHA They did a wave and it actually went round the entire stadium!


Whee and Red Sox won 6:3!! Thank u, baby for doing all the research and getting us awesome seats 😘