A week's worth and then some.


Has it really been almost a week? It has, hasn't it. It's crazy and cliche but gosh, time FLIES. If u've seen my IG stories, you would know why I've been MIA. The hubs was down and in the hospital so I've been on 24/7 wife-duty to nurse him back to health. I wasn't in any mood to update or write and I feel so disconnected all of a sudden. 

(Lol some of u found my new private IG cause I've just been updating there instead. Sorry but I'm not accepting requests from ppl idk there πŸ™ƒ I didn't wanna just decline/ignore cause I feel bad. Sorry!)

The night he got discharged and we could finally lie beside each other in bed, we ended up chatting for 3 hours. Nothing major, nothing specific. Just a bit of crying (cause I'm a cry baby and I missed him so much when he was ill), a lot of laughing and holding each other. Why am I so sticky. Aiya, I'm just glad he's better. It's really damn hard to see someone u love be in pain and not being able to do shitz 😞 εΎˆεΏƒη—›. Didn't help that I was doing it all alone without family support. 

Also, because of it, our photoshoot is postponed to this Saturday. Idk how our photographer is so patient with us cause we alr rescheduled TWICE. So I really can't wait to share once it happened. I popped by the florist to check on the bouquet and it's quite pretty. Fingers crossed everything goes super smooth this time cause we are really running out of time. 

K, lemme see what else to update.

I was gonna do my June faves and I alr had my flatlay pre-taken and all before realizing that I've packed up everything so.......how to take pics? πŸ˜… 

Will do a combined June/July faves next month when I'm back in SG~ Got a lot of good stuff to share this month one lor!!!

Look at mah new five-cent/ten-cent collection, y'all~ πŸ˜­πŸ˜žπŸ™„

The entire apartment is filled with boxes and stuff strewn all over so it isn't making it easier for me to get from point A to point B without banging into shit. Result is dis. My legs look so gross. This is only the front somemore. My sides and back ALL HAVE. Fml. 

I think it's also cause I wasn't eating/resting well for the entire week so my blood circulation is alil poor lah. Is my reasoning sound? HAHAHA It made sense in my head. 

Speaking of it, hubs and I spent 4 hours packing together last night. Felt like we were playing some sort of Tetris with all the stuff and number of boxes we have, but we did it and we are down to packing ONE LAST FINAL BOX!!!

To prep SG for us moving back with 2 boxes of clothes, I found this rack on TB and I got so excited cause there's the extra hanging stand for my bags, scarves and shit. And it is in the PRETTIEST cream shade! OCD me loves that the wheels are not black! Imagine wood furnitures around it....😍 So I whatsapped my dad lah hahaha

It's here!!! I'll set it up when I'm back and all and let you all know if it's good. I think it's just $20 so decent lah. Plus I really like the cream color instead of it being black! (Although I think there's a black option too tho)

If alls good, I'll put up the link?? Idk how is the quality and all so lemme check it first before I recommend okay!


OMG I found JC's doppelgΓ€nger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ or maybe is same *ahem* doctor *ahem* LOL it's just this random Thai girl on my explore page. I LOVE IG's explore page. It's SO ENTERTAINING?? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who finds it that way haha

Whilst packing for LA, the husband went, 'Why do u look like you're packing for a PAP rally?' πŸ˜‘

HAHAHA I really like clothes in white lah omg. I'm so excited for pretty ootd in LA. My SIL will be there so I have faith there will definitely be pretty ootds taken.

(No, I'm not pregnant) 

We are running errands daily cause of the move and the husband went back to Berklee bookstore to pick up school tee shirts cause they fit him super well and he loves them. Damn proud of his school hahaha so proud till we decided to pick a baby onesie up too for future baby hehe. Damn cute lah. What's super sweet is he was the one who wanted to pick it up 😍

I can imagine a photoshoot with this, cool-ass sunglasses and a guitar HAHA 

We ended up discussing baby names in bed last night and we listed out names we like starting from A. When we landed on 'C', I went 'Cassidy!' and started giggling cause Cassidy Chia sounds too much like quesadilla 🀣 笑死人 and then we just fell asleep without any conclusion lol

I also received my slow-mail love letter from @heynyonya πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ I remember when we first found each other on dayre, we would exchange LONG-ASS emails and just chat to each other!! Now we just whatsapp lah hahaha but wheeee~ I love ol'school slow mails lah. I have one for her that is still waiting for me to post out and it's ridic cause post office is just downstairs but I just have so much packing to do 😭 Sozzz, jo. I promise it will reach u soon HAHA

Taking a minute to appreciate these suede pink mules I got from Primark. For $13!!!!! So chic with jeans and a button-up white top. Major love. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 You'll be sorely and truly missed, Primark. 

Also, I'm definitely appreciating mules coming back into fashion cause they are like slippers and are so comfy lmao. Can they just stay in fashion forever and eva and eva so I can be comfortable always.

Trying to get last-min tixs to a Red Sox game today cause we can't leave Boston without going to one!!! Totally enjoying this hair length. Got Korean feels after curling but I might be delusional HAHA

Wth this is a direct copy from Too Faced??? Only $8 but it isn't waterproof. Won't be surprised if they come up with a blue one and claim it is πŸ˜‚ Debating if I should try it. (Ok got it. I'll do a review on it soon heh) 

θ―΄ηœŸηš„, I've been so busy that YT is now completely non-existent in my life. I haven't watch a tutorial, review or vlog in a loooooong while and I miss it but oh wells, #priorities right? I'm just going around drugstore and Sephora surprising myself with new finds lol

Basket is in, you say? 

Big enough anot. Can fit me sia.

Really wanted to try these cause they look exactly like the TF Melted but every single one was opened up and tried so ewww. Why don't they provide testers here? Don't it make more sense than people opening up to try every single one to try? Idgi.

And how can we not end the night with Tasty Burger since we are at Fenway right??? Must-try if u r in Boston!! One of my fave mushroom burger ever and the onion rings are TO-DIE-FOR! 

The hubs and I are just sharing every meal recently. We can't seem to finish one portion each anymore!

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