Daddy's girl

Today is Father's Day and I am ultra sad I'm missing another one of it 😭 I can always send mama flowers and it will cheer her up but it's always abit hard to express for dads, isn't it? Plus my dad's more like, 'Ok I don't need any of these. Don't anyhow spend my money' HAHAHAHAHAHA

I don't talk about my dad much but I know he reads this space very regularly. He showed all my blue-blacks to my mom who whatsapped me and told me I am to go for a doc checkup when I return hahaha #stalkerparents

Well, since I know he reads it, and I wanna share with you all more about my dad, I thought I'd post here. I alr wished my dad personally lah hahaha this is just for fun. 

My dad is a really hands-on person. Ever since I was young, I never knew computers needed to be sent out to be fixed. My dad would fix EVERYTHING wrong with it and I just thought all dads could do these kinda things. I am (yah, still am) always in awe of how he can fix things so easily. 

He was the one who developed my love for the Chinese language. I always thought he has the nicest and best Chinese handwriting. One of the fondest memories I have of my dad was when my P3/4? Chi teacher gave us hundreds of δΉ ε­— to do over the weekend/holiday and I couldn't finish them even tho i was doing them all the time; including at dinner cause there was just SO MUCH? So my dad ended up doing some for me πŸ˜‚ 

He used to be a magician and my mom was his assistant so he own tons of props and is really good with magic. He was so into it that I vaguely remember watching David Copperfield perform irl when I was young. Then when friends come over, he would perform magic for us HAHAHAHAHA I loved it cause I know all the secrets already 🀣 

When he lost his job as GM at a huge computer firm during retrenchment period, I was really young (and my world pretty much consisted of homework and toys). I didn't realized it, or even remembered it much during this period but he ended up working and learning to be a locksmith. 

During that initial learning stage, he would practice and practice. Opening a main door can take up to 45 mins and that means kneeling on cold, hard concrete floor for that period of time. There's no fan, no aircon, no chairs. Only perspiration, plenty of cuts/bruises and very rough kneecaps. At night, he would watch videos and learn from there. 

I never thought much about my dad's work at that time cause again, self-absorbed kid πŸ˜” but I remember all our rides together.

Since he is a 24-hour on-call locksmith, it meant that he was pretty much not fixed on location or timing. Because of this, I get rides to and fro school ALMOST EVERYDAY. And yes, this covered university LOL. 

I remember in sec school when everyone was dying to be cool and most wanna travel home alone and be with friends but I was more like, YAY CAR RIDE!!! Don't have to squeeze on bus or carry my heavy schoolbooks. Obviously not a social person here LOL. I always get damn happy whenever I text him to ask if I'm getting a ride and he goes, 'I'm outside' HAHAHA 

Since he has the ability to schedule his work the way he wants, he would avoid working around all our timings so he can fetch us after school. Car rides with my dad are quite fun mostly cause we are both chatty-katty and can talk ur ears off. 

I would tell my dad about gossips and bitchfights that happened in sch and complain if I'm on my period and in return, he will tell me all his interesting stories from that day. It ranges from police cases, poor elderly people who can't afford food, and even suicides. 

Idk how much I can share but my dad once had to appear as a witness in court cause of some case where he was the locksmith hired! My dad has the coolest job hahahaha 

I always played with the idea of writing a book based on all his stories - Stories of a Locksmith hehehe will anyone read it lmao

My dad is really extroverted so he enjoys meeting new people and chatting with them. My mom and I would make fun of him whenever he takes REALLLY long at a job by saying that he is making new friends and learning their family history HAHA 

All these fun stories came after tho. The first few years were tough, from what I recalled. He was 'new' so he didn't have many 'areas' he can work on. The locksmith scene can be political too one leh! He had to 'fight territories' and before searching for service on Google was a thing, he had to hire people to spread his word with those stickers u see on the meter box. 

Being a 24-hour on-call locksmith means calls come in at all times of the day; including 3ams when people are too drunk and lost their keys, stewardess/stewards who left their lugguage AND keys in the house in a hurry to make their flight, and many other stories that would leave u quite bewildered.

My heart would ache and I would be filled with guilt knowing my dad is not having a good night sleep whenever I hear his phone go off at night. 

I would silently wish upon the universe to keep him safe and not fall asleep behind the wheel cause that has happened one too many times.

My dad is very stingy on himself but I don't really think he ever said no to anything we wanted. The only time he gets new stuff for himself is 1. new clothes for CNY 2. Bday and Father's Day. But ever since Taobao and Qoo10 came along, he has been ordering so much nonsense off there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Father-daughter same same one lor pls. ζœ‰ε…ΆηˆΆεΏ…ζœ‰ε…Άε₯³

I'm always sending him nonsense on Taobao and he would buy it for me, no questions asked. Then when they arrive, he will take pics for me and tell me if the quality is good HAHAHA

If he sees any interesting makeup or beauty stuff, he would take pics and send them my way. 

When I'm unreasonable to Keith and complains to him, he would lecture me and put me in my place as someone's wife and not just a spoilt daughter anymore LOL

I have the bestest parents in the world so I can't wait to go back and just chill and go eat veggie food with mah dad and shopping with my mom~



My parents dk this but I carry this with me in my organizer cause I think they look so good here leh!!! Hahaha cute hor 😍

On some packing updates: I found 2 vacuum bags I got from Daiso and I think they are SO MUCH BETTER!! The material is thinner but it's just as strong as the Primark one. The thinner one, for some reason (maybe cause it's flexible?) seems to conform better or smth. But oh dear, these are not all! The bottom 3 are winter wear and the top one is just the husband's clothes.

Packing away bridal stuff too hehe I'm getting quite excited to go get all the stuff I want for the reception table; including printing out the canvas 'guestbook' etc! 

Speaking of wedding stuff, I should write a post on the battle of hashtags between the husband and I. It's so hilarious but we settled on one! Eeks excited.

πŸ“ Santouka (Newbury St) 

Had to run photoshoot-errands so we went to Santouka for lunch. I had the miso and the hubs had the shio. I decided I still like the Parkway one better.

Walked by TJMaxxx and the hubs was actually in a rare-shopping mood so we popped in. Wanted to pick this up cause it was the last one (on clearance somemore) but I found a chip at the base of the glass. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

No fate.

I love TJMaxxx. Saw this and thought it was so cute too but....

πŸ‘§πŸ»: Babe is this cute?
πŸ‘¦πŸ»: It will be if u actually use it. U wanna use this to climb mountain or put ur shopping. 

LOL WHAT LAH HAHAHAH well, man's got a point. Where tf am I supposed to carry this to. So I put it back.

I really wanted bacon and eggs as floats too HAHAHAHAH but I realized how useless these will be in SG so I put them all back too *pats back

Wells, at least he managed to pick out a few stuff! Got himself a really nice duffel for $30 and this pair of Docker flip flops for $10. Dats soooo cheap. I love a good buy, not to mention TWO. Hohoho cheapthrillsftw 

Ooh lemme show y'all my mini F21 haul from the other day. There's free shipping on all orders now so I'm still browsing wtf

My F21 top! Yes, I'm very aware of the mess going on behind me. I've been living in that mess for a week. I wanna die alr 😡

But on a happy note, zomg I love my top!!! I'm so happppppiiieeee F21 came out with this in plain WHITE after going through stripes and plaids. I waited so long for it. Gonna be going with me to LA for sure!


Also got this cause tulle and embroidery top 😍😍😍 I love the translucent tulle around the entire neckline. Major pretty lah. The colors of the embroidery are also super vibrant.

I love trolling F21 website just for good buys. Some of their stuff don't even look vaguely normal (remember the neck brace thingy they tried to sell) but they do have some pretty stuff sometimes.

And lastly, these pair of earrings! I'm on a roll with these clean, simple pieces. But I always feel like F21 is cheating me cause I can get 6 at the same price in Primark. Diff designs lahhhhhh πŸ˜›