Packing 24/7

Speaking of packing. Here's the apartment's current state from yesterday.

The bedroom looks even worse. We both nearly tripped to our death when we got up to pee. Yah we wake up to pee together HAHAHAHA

I was asking the husband to switch on his light on his phone cause I couldn't see my way and he couldn't find it in the mess and it was just all really very not-funny at 3am in the morning. 

So my aim later is to clear a clean path to and from the bedroom πŸ˜‚

All my pretty home stuff 😍 Can H&M home pls come to SG and also Primark too if possible!

Random kind stranger story. We helped this lady with her CCTV camera (or rather, the husband helped and I kinda just stood there) and she gave us a bag of donuts and a cup of latte??? It wasn't even anything technical! He just helped her with a change of screen and she so nice zomg cries 😍

(IG @/savoirsam) 

Omg this bag 😍

I don't think I've folded this much clothes at one go, in my entire life before. I think we need about 4-5 more vacuum bags from Primark lmao

And then....we gotta magically find space in SG HAHAHAHAHA how liddis, how?

Went to Stop&Shop and everyone's preparing for Independence Day; including Oreos. I really wanna try but omg all my squats will be gone to waste and I didn't do 300 this week to just give up now. It's too painful.

Y'all dk how badly I wanna try this 😭😭😭

πŸ“ Gyu-Kaku Cambridge

JY's last solo dinner here so we had a feast for dinner. Feels like we are all closing a huge chapter of lives here! 

Went to the Cambridge one instead of the Boston one and I actually like this one better! The other is just way too crowded all the time. 

Good meat, good beer, good company. Gonna go cuddle with the hubs now. πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ’•