Stuff that happened + Primark!

I'm very enjoying this warm weather in Boston! It's a very different kinda heat cause it's so dry here. I prefer this cause I get sticky way less often. I'm sure I'm not the only one hahaha

(It still feels ultimate surreal in my head that in <30 days, we would be out of Boston PERMANENTLY πŸ˜±πŸ˜–πŸ˜­)

The other day, husband had a meeting near Harvard Sq so I tagged along and went for a walk around! Gonna miss Boston so much for realz. Yah I can't stop saying this lmao. 

I love Harvard Sq. Its a super bustling area. That day, the sun was out, there were baskers singing and people were just chilling. Went into this pretty little florist but I came out empty handed cause I didn't see anything I fancied. So disciplined right.

Mah #ootd. Yes, these pair of jeans have been worn to the ultimate death. I think the shreds have gotten shreddier cause I keep jamming my foot into the knee-holes when I wear them, inevitably stretching the torn areas more. I always do that? I can never do it in one swift motion leh wtf. 

Anyws, I got them from Temt but that was quite awhile back.

Also went to The Black Tux to get measurements done so he can rent one for the photoshoot! 

We decided on renting for this cause we might be going to Vietnam to get his actual groom suit done there. Thinking of navy!

Can I digress here. I have never liked navy/royal blue as a color but recently, I've been gravitating towards those shades! Why ah. Is it I older now then don't like bright colors anymore 😭

ζˆ‘ηš„θ€ε…¬εΎˆεΈ… 😍

I'm so happpyyyyy cause I finally found the version of this top in white! I don't fancy the black one much (I'm more of a white top person) and I have seen stripes one but zomg yes, patience paid off cause F21 came up with the white one and I couldn't check out fast enough. Yippeee. Gonna bring this to LA!

I am, once again, doing my own trial run for the upcoming shoot here so I was watching bridal tutorials. I luvvvvvvvv her hair here wtf I wanna cut mine shorter now. 

Okay no lah, I'll do that after wedding. No more random cuts till it hahaha back to her, omg her makeup slay, her hair slay, her everything slay lah fml. How does someone just look like this pls.

Stop & Shop is our grocery store now cause Star Market is too far. I kinda like S&S more cause the prices are friendlier. I saw these really odd, juice -looking body soaps. Like omg red soap??? Am I the only one who finds this slightly off πŸ€” It does smell like orange tho, I must say. 

I like to go to the soap aisle and open the caps just to smell at the diff soaps. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who does that HAHAH

Snack haul. I love Lays. I love potato chips. I love junk food. I haven't had chips in MONTHS 😭😭😭 and I finally succumbed cause NEW FLAVORS!!! One of my aim in life is to try all the diff Lays flavor. ALL. Hahahahaha

Also, mini candies so I can pack in my carry-on to the plane. I have low blood sugar so these help when I get faint-ish. Or maybe is just excuses for me to eat candies πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Oh, I'm gonna do a what's-in-my-travel-beauty-pouch post okay! I show y'all how I pack in my 10-step routine for a longass plane ride.

Back to my favourite shopping place in Boston! I went crazy at all the $6 bikinis wtf

What is this. I can't even.

Oh Primark Home section....I'm gonna be thinking of u when I'm back in SG. You'll be sorely missed when I visit IKEA cause you're just so much prettier.

I'll miss the times when I pick up all sorts of random objects you shelf, trying so hard to find a use for them just so I can bring them all home aka this odd cactus jar thingy.

Wheeeeee~ mini Primark #haul? 

1. This weaved blush rug for Paris to lie on in our bedroom
2. Small little basket bag
3. Picked up a Jordana palette and WnW highlighter! 
4. Makeup palette for only $4.50!!!!!!!
5. 6 earrings for $4.50 too
6. $1.50 sunglasses, dude 😎
7. X-LARGE cotton pads to remove makeup πŸ™†πŸ»

I'll swatch the makeup stuff maybe tmr!

Sun's finally setting at 9pm! We only get like 7 hours of darkness now. Im still so amazed at how crazy and extreme the weather is here. 

Okay gonna go binge on more Rules of Engagement with the hubs. Goodnight!