Date day + SIX FLAGS!

We were cooped home for a looong while and decided to head for some brunch at Met Back Bay. Wanted brunch but it was only available during weekends. Sad is me. 

But we still manage to get some breakfast stuff from the lunch menu tho.

The place was so quiet and we had such a pretty view of Newbury Street by the window. Yes, that's Boston's current crappy weather. We needed to dig out our heater cause it got below 10°C these past few days and the complex alr changed the heating system to air conditioning! 😫

I had the Met Hash brown and it is layered with fontina cheese, ham, sour cream and a fried egg on top. Also, gherkins as deco lmao. I don't like how pickles look. 

This dish is a side btw. I was expecting a side-order size but this was like, as big as my head 😳I got a huge shock when it arrived! Needless to say, we had to have it packed to-go cause no way was I gonna be able to finish that HAHA 很大leh! 

(Don't the sour cream resembles a torn cloth. I can't unsee it now)

The husband had the Croque Madame which came with truffle fries and sage (damn fancy). 

We walloped the French Onion soup before I could take a pic cause we were STARVING but it was really good too! What a weird breakfast combination but it was so yumz. 

And since we went early (~11am) and we had the whole place to ourselves! The crowd came by the time we were done heh. Good choice for timing! 

All the moments with the husband are just #fatties moments. I obviously don't have much interest in food-picture-taking and don't talk about them much but this place is 👌🏼!! Worth a visit, I feel.

They had the prettiest deco but I was most captured by the industrial-looking lights. Super home-inspo.

Since we are leaving Boston so soon, we are going on a 'last-of-everything' spree. Went and bought lobster from Star Market cause last time liao~ It's super cheap lah. 2lbs for $20 only. Got a HUGE one cause we shared!

With the help of Gordon Ramsey, the husband extracted the entire lobster with most of the meat intact. I was legitly quite impressed hahaha 

I have prawn/shrimp (whatever u like to call them) allergy and it causes my tongue to sting and hurt, or just me to swell up if it is bad. I never had an issue with fresh lobster but zomg my tongue started tingling near the end and I gotta pop a Zyrtec to stop any reactions. IS THIS THE LAST OF MY LOBSTER-EATING???? 


I once blacked out from eating lobster that wasn't fresh. Ridiculous. I hope this doesn't mean I can't eat crabs in the near future. My husband would be a sad bear.

Ahhhh I also came across this and I quickly screenshot it. Picking at zits is a bad habit but we all do it. I've done it. I know I shouldn't but I have done it before 🙊 I don't now but I really used to do it a lot. 

If ur blemish has come to a head, it's fine to gently pop it and stick a hydrocolloid patch over it! The patch prevent dirt and bacteria from spreading and u can't pick at it.

However, if it's a cystic acne, u can't pop it!!! It's not at the surface, and I know u can feel the bump beneath but squeezing it will only leads to more inflammation and swelling. So if u have deep swollen cystic acne, soothing it would be a better idea than squeezing it. 

I don't think cystic acne immediately warrants a trip to the derm (⬆️ mentioned in pic). It really depends lah?? 

I used to get cystic hormonal acnes around my chin once a month. With proper care, I don't really suffer from that anymore but it still comes back once in a blue moon. 

I normally apply a light layer of BHA and include a longer waiting time (30-40 mins).🔺My skin is super used to actives and this is a very extended period so pls patch test always! 🔻

Then I dab a teeny amount of tea tree oil on it and let it absorb for abit before sticking on a patch. 

The patch doesn't help absorb anything in this case cause there's no head or open wound but it does prevent me from touching it subconsciously cause cystic acnes are SORE AF. So this keeps the area clean and sanitized and I just let the TTO do it's work. Most of the time, this helps it to just disappear after ~a week and I hardly have any cystic acne come to head. 

I also don't apply makeup on/over it but I still use sunscreen for real.

Also visited Six Flags cause WARM WEATHER FTW. I was mad excited cause I LOVE roller coasters

Wheeeee. The weather was shit at first but it got so sunny and beautiful~ Also, omg, so many people!

The must-rides are Joker, Superman, and Batman and I was so determined to re-ride Superman until Superman broke down. Tons of securities and staff were running there just to fix it hahaha so I got kinda freaked out like what if we were stuck upside down for hours!

I'm very easily impressed with deco 😍

And one more HAHA

But I was more impressed with the SIZE of the prizes. I am talking about larger-than-me prizes which there were actual people lugging around from winning them. The nicer and larger the prices at the booth, the tougher the game (obviously). Everything is overpriced in there, which I guess is to be expected.


I love the huge rides and all but this left the best impression cause it went SO HIGH UP and we could see the ENTIRE amusement park from above and it was so pretty. Plus it was slow-going. We had placed all our stuff in the locker so I didn't manage to take a pic from above. Really wished I had lor.

Ended the day off with some gummies from the candy shop. I love gummies and roller coasters. T'was a really good, albeit hot day. The Flash pass was worth it imo and it allows u to get on any rides without waiting time! I think perfect for larger groups even tho they charge per head lah.