Boobies talk with OurBraletteClub #OBC

I'm a small-boobs girl #noshame and as much as I lament about their size once in a while, I'm pretty pleased with them on most days. They don't really give me too much trouble, I can exercise fine, and they look pretty cute in most tops and dresses on most days! 

What I love MOST-EST about my boobs is that I can normally get away without a heavy-duty bra regularly. I live off bralettes; especially here in the US when I'm home or in a jacket mostly. 

It gets convenient when I need to pop by the grocery store or if the husband has his colleagues/friends over.

So when Chow queen of #OBC offered to send me a care package, I said yes! Always up to trying more bralettes and I've heard so much raved reviews about them. 

However, I didn't want to just write another review cause I'm sure all of u already know the bralettes are comfy! I personally wanted to understand how Chow felt about OBC on better-endowed ladies cause I've always thought that bralettes were meant for girls who are more petite lah, and I also really wanted to know more about the brand cause I've only really picked up bits and pieces from you all who've tried them! 

She believes every woman out there can own a bralette without compromise on comfort and design, and every woman of any size can look beautiful. 

What I think was pretty amazing is that they stock on a HUGE range of sizes - 60A to 100E/F (I don't even know such sizes existed! If u think about it from a business POV, this is pretty bad for returns lah??) But she carries it cause it's really something #OBC is based on - any woman of any size can feel beautiful in a bralette. 

Okay, this makes me wonder if I should get my bustier friends bralettes for a trial to see if they will love it as much as me. 

I totally appreciate the fact that prices are kept as low as $8.80 and u don't have to trade in comfort or looks. I can say this based on the fact that I've always bought bralettes off F21 and Cotton On Body so yes, $8.80 is a AWESOME price; especially if u r looking to see if it fits u and ur aesthetics. 

Omg #dayrebrides wouldn't this be such an intimate and absolutely PRETTY bridesmaids' gifts??? I think the #OBClassic series will be great too (pictures below!)

OBC is now offering a Bralette Starter Kit which is basically a box of specially curated, bralettes that you can return for a cash refund if you don't like it. You fill in a form and they choose bralettes for you! 

I love this service?? U get a range without needing to stress over what designs or sizes suit u, plus if u don't like, just return and get ur money back. Win-win right? 

Let me show you the pretty pieces she sent to me! I'm not gonna be showing any revealing sexaye pics (🀣 I kid, guys hahaha I'm not delusional) cause my husband ain't gonna be pleased~

(Just so you ladies can compare ur sizings for sizes - my chest area is approx 32" and my hips is ~31" and I'm normally a XS/S for Cotton On bralettes!)

First up is my husband's fave piece - the Just Wing It Bralette set. 

This is a totally GORGEOUS set. It is super sexy in a classy way and omg so comfy. I always associate sexy lingerie with discomfort but these are really comfy - I sumpa!

Can totally wear during date night - which again, I assure you, it's #husbandapproved πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜

Show y'all a close up. The lace is not flimsy and yet still soft and pretty comfy. 

I know a lot about flimsy laces cause F21 bralettes are all like that and they really don't last too long after washes so these sturdy laces are very appreciated!

Cute little ruffles on the undies 😍 Very girly and pretty for realz.

Size S is a perfect fit for me.

This is my favourite set. I actually went to OBC when they first launched it but u all grabbed it before I could hahaha

But Chow was so kind to procure a set in S for me 😍😭 Thank u thank u! This set is just so so so amazingly pretty. 

I took a shot of this and put it on IG stories and had so many girls dm to tell me it is super pretty!! 

I wear this in S too. 

I feel like this is such a feel-good set. A perfect gift-to-yourself, yknow? I felt so dainty and pretty in it and well-design lingerie really can boost confidence level too. This set, fresh sheets, a cup of hot tea and a good book (but pls don't burn yourself accidentally πŸ˜‚).

Closeup of this gorgeous piece. It's so so so pretty. Chow, if u ever manufacture smth similar in diff colors, I'll buy them all πŸ˜‚ 

The high-waist, lace appliqués and color is just OMG LAH 😍😍😍 I KENOT. I swear when I first saw images of this, my heart just skipped many many beats.

The last two bralettes are #OBC-manufactured πŸ‘πŸΌ and come with the clever name #OBClassics.

These two are classic bralette design - lace, simple basic straps and comfy. What I totally appreciate is
1. Double lining
2. No tacky silver hardware (the rosegold is just 😍😍😍) 

Guys like to think boobs are just fats on a girl with no sensation but hello, my boobies like to be pampered and be comfortable too?? HAHAHA

Defo gonna be my permanent travel-bralettes, I can feel it. They are so comfy, I really didn't wanna take them off after trying lmao. I love pairing peekaboo bralettes like these with a V-neck sweater (this is from Uniglo!). So it's still modest but very cute in a subtle way.

BTW THIS COLOR, THIS DUSTY PERIWINKLE SHADE 😍😍😍 I am a pink-girl so a lot of my bralettes are in shades of nude or pink so this is a very pretty spring addition. The color stood out so much in such a soft, non-AA way. 

I paired this with a simple black maxi and an oversized denim jacket and it was SO CUTE LAH. Omg pls come out with a jade-green shade πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

I ALOT OF REQUESTS HOR HAHAHAHA 欠扁 but I really love bralettes and sometimes I have so many designs in my head that I can never find irl, or just not the right shade, not the right material and so on.

She also threw in a set of bikini and these came just in time for my upcoming LA trip! We are gonna be going to chilling by the beach so I really am in need of a swimsuit. The prints are so pretty and the shade of rich emerald green makes me look damn fair haha

This set is in S too, however, the cutting of the bottom seemed to run a little smaller even tho the top was a good fit for me. So just smth to take note of!

I found the prettiest set of silk PJs in the softest blush shade from Primark just earlier to match this set. Last one in XS somemore! ✌🏼

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