Target Haul!

Did a Target/Costco run earlier this week to stock up on some necessities and I ended up shopping for LA. 

Imma start with my favouritest buy from Target - the pretty embroidery jeans ๐Ÿ˜ The picture is not showing true lah but it's this light acid wash shade. Very ็พŽ. I have NEVER bought jeans from Target before so this is a first experience and I'm quite impressed! 

It's high-waist so it looks super retro too. Heh good buy. Can't wait to wear it out.

Target always has these super cute shirts and my husband LUUUUUVS them. Show y'all his haul later. Anwy, this is a guy's shirt in S but the color and design were too cute to pass up leh! I can even pair this with a skirt and ankle boots for a totally diff look. Quite cute lah. I think it was $10? 

I am gonna miss Target SO MUCH.

I saw this straw hat in the clearance bin going for $5 so yes, okay, you're mine. 

We are heading to LA/Vegas area before going back home so I get to wear it then! 

Thinking of embroidering some stuff on it - a phrase maybe?

A bit of home stuff too! When I like smth, I tend to go abit crazy and obsessive.

When I saw the set of sheets in Target, released for Summer'17, I was like ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

So subtle and cute??? I also LOVE my heavy duty mat zomg. That's from Earthboundtrading tho hahaha not Target. I just used it here for aesthetic purposes.

Didn't manage to grab much beauty stuff to stock up cause the Target I went to was restocking and most of the shelves were empty. 

I picked up 2x of my cleansers and they were the last two *cries. Gotta go pick up somemore from the drugstore. This is my all-time fave cleanser and it was damn ex when they brought it to SG? It's only US$7 here lah wtf.

Also picked up the hair oil in the same series I'm using now. It smells amazing and I know so many of u told me about MD Lavender range in SG lah, I can't wait to go back and try that.

Of course, my Pixi Glow toner! I don't use that as regularly now so my 2nd currentbottle is still quite full. This is just backup. 

Lastly, I finally found a good-sized makeup travel pouch from Sonia Kashuk and it has this lippies all over. So cute. Plus the color so pop retro pls

And this is my husband's version of shopping HAHAHA. 

He loves these Mossimo tees from Target and that's all he ever wears. If u see him in my pics and he's always wearing the same shirt, it's not that I never wash his shirt or he only has that one. It's just that he has that one design in 7 different varying shades of grey/blue ๐Ÿ˜‚

If you ladies have SO that are very minimal and generally prefer comfort, these shirts are bomb. And they are very soft so I totally love hugging him in it hahaha so win-win.

I can hear my parents' voices in my head asking why I put up underwear on the internet but these are damn worth it lah. This was my only buy from Costco that I'm 'stocking up' on. 

If you are ever at Costco, they sell guys' and ladies' CK undies for cheap lah. It's VERY comfy and for the ladies, it's normally 3 in a set for $10.99.

And this is an abrupt conclusion to my haul!