Evening gown + wedding dress hunting

Look what came in the mail! My evening gown. Yeap I went ahead and got it since it was free returns and all! 

I gotta say, it is different from the image shown on Amazon but I don't hate it. It has a rather vintage/20s feel to it. 

The cutting looks fine here but it's still a little loose at the waist so I gotta bring that back for alteration! Otherwise, everything is okay leh. Ok wait show y'all full length.

See how loose it is at the waist! Like damn no shape so gotta alter! Photographs pretty decently and I really like the color. It's this pretty blush shade irl. 

I especially love the back and the illusion material used. It's really not too shabby.

It's definitely different from image okay lmao wtf. And omg the model's waist is tiny. I also want. 

The beadings used were cream instead of the same bush shade and the beadings are kinda off but A for effort, I guess. 

I honestly don't care/mind that it's different. It looks okay irl and pretty enough for me to wear it for probably, 3 hours of my life unless I can find another occasion to don this HAHA 

I'm a too chin-chye bride. 15yo me would have been horrified.

The seller I got from on Amazon! 

Pls note ah, the dress is really diff from image hahahaha but for $199, it's okay leh, I feel. I think imma sell both the cheongsam and this off once the wedding is over.

Awkward mirror #ootd selfie. We are wedding-dress hunting today. I've found 2 outlets that are around here with good prices and reviews so just checking one of them at Watertown today

Headed out to VOWS, located in Watertown, which is almost 20 mins away from us. 

This kept popping up during my research so why not right? They are not a typical bridal store; more of a sample store where u get grab stuff off the rack or make an order for a gown. 

The range of price is USD$600 - $4K and an average price is around $1.2k.

This is probably 1/12 of the store. It's insane.

On Saturdays, they see an average of 210 brides. What even???

I was OVERWHELMED when I went in. There was just racks and racks of dresses.

So many beads on so much lace. Gabriella was our consultant cause I made an appt, not too sure if this is available if u walk in, and she was amazing. 

She eyeballed my size and picked out a few that fitted like a glove. Due to my size, I didn't really have plenty of options. 

I tried on a few I really really like and they allow pictures!

I love the first one I tried. It has the perfect beading and the shape was pretty. But too bad this wouldn't be altered in time for the June photo shoot so bye bye. I can't remember who's the designer but this was in a size 10. Wedding gown's sizing are weird af.

Gabriella picked this up for me to try and the fit was crazy nice. The front had no corset tho so it kept slipping down. Again, idk who this designer is but this is in size 2.

I also tried on a $4K Oscar de la Renta one and....hated it. It was a pretty cutting all but the design was sooooo weird. It looked like construction paper in the front. This is also in size 2.

This one I like but the husband went, 'ALL ur dresses and rompers are in this exact same material, babe.' 

Which they are. Hahahahaha

The fit was nice and I love the shape but I wish the color of it was just not so beige-y and more ivory.

See the train also damn nice lah.

Ooh okay but my fave is this piece. It's a Rosa Clara gown but it's in size 10! That's why my hands are so weird in the pic. I was pinching off the excess haha Alteration is possible but it's a top up of $500. The dress is $1.2k!

U guys can't see it here but the husband was pinching the extra fabric at the back so we can envision how it looks like! 

Well, after trying on a few, I think I've a pretty good idea on how I want my dress to look like and all. So after 5 gowns in 1 hour, we kinda were ready to leave. 

I was so amazed at the service I got and there wasn't ANY pressure at all to buy. She pretty much advised me on a timeline and even told me to call if I want to reserve the last piece I had my eye on, if other places don't have what I want. Crazy nice service! 

So anyw, I'm gonna hunt around online abit more, go to another outlet and probably make a decision by end of this month.