8th - Paint Nite!

Sometimes, I catch myself holding my breath while I look at him. Looking at him makes me so deliriously happy inside and he doesn't know the amount of strength his smile gives me. 

When I'm down, all I do is look and him and I know to keep my faith. To keep on pushing and laughing because nothing in this world matters more than him and as long as I'm with him, I'm happy.

I finally understand what 'not enough time' means and feels like. Get someone who makes you feel that. Makes you feel like no matter how much time you spend together in this world, there's just Not Enough Time. 

It scares me to a really weirdly morbid degree to think that if either one of us dies, then what would the other do? I hate to think that there's an expiration date to us because I can't bear to think of not being with him. 

You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day. Not until it’s happening. You don’t recognize the biggest day of your life, not until you’re right in the middle of it. The day you commit to something or someone. The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soul mate. The day you realize there’s not enough time, because you wanna live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days. You know?
— Grey's Anatomy

We would be talking in bed and occasionally, he would go, 'I still cannot believe I am married to you.' 

Neither of us would have guessed that a couple of teenagers meeting in a tuition center, would end up marrying each other, that we would sign our lives away to each other and be a family. That's still a really surreal feeling. 

I also would not guess that there would come a time where there's nothing about him I don't know and vice versa. Some might beg to differ, preferring to leave some mystery but I love knowing I don't have any secrets from him. He is my other half and he loves me despite knowing everything - my good, my ugly and my bad. Do u know how mind-blowing that is? I do. I've seen my own 'bad'. I know how it is.

The toughest part of this 8 years has got to be the 4-year LDR. Once in a while, I would recall our multiple FaceTime sessions where he would reassure me, 'It's going to be over soon k? We just have to get thru this and we'll be together!' 

But hey, we did get thru that. It was one of the tougher moments our r/s has seen but we got through. Every second of that wait was worth it and no, I really wouldn't choose to do it over again but I'll do it for him.

He's my favourite being in this world and he's my best friend. He's my person. 

Falling in love with him 8 years ago was the best decision my mind and heart ever made for me. There might never ever be enough time, but every second spent with him brings me so much bliss and joy.

Happy 8th Anniversary, baby. 

My cutie pie. Boston is getting boring so we decided on a simple day! I actually went to google everything happening in Boston on 9 Apr and picked from there. There were too many museums on that list to even try and take it seriously tho.

I visited this market during one of my first few trips to Boston! They are open year-round and all but it's really not funny when it's winter. Since the weather was deliciously nice today, we decided to re-visit it. 

Sadly, they closed away SO MUCH of it! It's not just a sad basement size market 

Pretty much vintage anything. Clothes, comics, records and even furnitures. It is extremely fun to just sieve through and see the old photos all. Plus it really isn't too crowded today! 

I wanted to get this vintage camera but the shop close down alr lah. Sad.

Sneaking in a quick #ootd ! MAD LOVE for my skirt from Pomelo! It's so reflective and in this duochrome pink and gold. But all that reflectiveness does make me look bigger tho.... 

Also, omg I need a haircut so badly.

We had some time to kill around Newbury after that and we bumped into this two English Mastiffs. This picture is not doing their size justice. 

They are 210lbs and only 3 years old! They eat 10 cups per meal. Can u imagine their poop.

So docile and so easy-going. U shld see the mad amount of people taking pictures and tryna pat the dogs. They were so chill about it.

Then the wife came walking towards the husband (who was holding both leashes) and the dog got so happy to see the wife-owner! Omg he is HUGE.

Oh yes, they were named Thor and Odin HAHAHAHAHAH

Look at how small my hand is against his head. It wasn't even the size of his ears!!!!

Then we decided to do smth completely out of our comfort zone and take up one of Paint-Nite's classes! It turned out to be a ton of fun tbh. It was just kinda own time, own target and what u make of it. 

Today I also found out why my FIL used to do my husband's art for him in primary school HAHAHAH but I think he really made such an effort leh. My husband really don't do art AT ALL 

Anyw, our masterpieces! Was telling the husband I'm gonna hang this in the kid's room next time and he went, 'People are gonna really think my kid painted that.' 

Such low faith in his work tsk. Okay, anyw, I really had a lot of fun and it was quite foolproof lah. No mess and no cleanup! If u wanna do this in Boston, use the code BosCal35 cause 35% off. I used it & it works!