Rambling about a funk and date-day with the husband.

I've been clouded by a lot of thoughts, issues and challenges recently. I keep feeling the need to stay away. 

Lately, I have caught certain times where I am just feeling...down and disappointed and it's a directed feeling to myself, rather than towards someone or something. And it's challenging to get out of it but I've been trying. 

I hate it when I get super critical and cynical up all in my head. Then I start to question and second-guess myself a lot. It's just one big negative cycle. 

It's a....funk. That's what I'm stuck in, which results in having no mood to post anything, which makes me feel extra guilty cause I don't feel like I'm working hard enough? I've been given opportunities I never imagined. I've held my own workshop and I can now have a site I call my own. It's crazy how much courage all of u have given me. 

All these crazy, out-of-this-world opportunities (for me, at least) like, who am I even? I still can't believe, till this date, I'm working with Laneige. Pinch me. 

But instead, I'm lamenting about nothing really. A funk. That's what I'm whining about. I think it might be the TOTM lurking around and sprinkling excessive hormones around my system. 

I need to get back on track and work hard. 

Don't get me wrong. I love posting beauty stuff here and making new friends. Experimenting/sharing new skincare and playing with swatches will always be my happy place. Making sure everyone apply their sunblock daily will always be my goal. 

Perhaps, it's due to nostalgia whilst porting over posts from Dayre to Beautypeadia. I literally had to re-read ALL the nonsense I've written, all the skincare and makeup reviews and all the comments from everyone. 

U might have noticed some old posts of mine returning to ur feed and yes, I've been back-dating some posts to update them cause I realized I never publish a few sections in my drafts! I have A TON of draft so I tend to lose track of them sometimes. I apologize. 

I'm a strangely disorganized person despite being organized. Have been trying to declutter and reorganize lately and do u know how hard this is for a hoarder? Not even low-key hoarding most of the time. Just hoard.

He has been keeping me laughing and sane. Idk what I'd do without him. Seeing him work so hard makes me wanna work hard too. We have been going to the gym together lately! That's a good start hahaha 

What was funny was, everything actually fell into place by itself. I was watching Grey's (duh) and the episode was about keeping the faith. Since I can't do anything, I decided to keep the faith. It worked so, keep the faith and just hang in there.

📍Sapporo Ramen

Sometime last week, we went for Sapporo ramen and both of us felt like the standard had dropped horribly. Don't like it anymore.

I wore this out and when the husband saw it, he went back into the room and changed.

Into this. #copycat


We then went to Michael's cause I wanted to check out some wedding stuff and couldn't find any. But I saw this and I would totally get it if I have a open-concept kitchen! Put right at the top shelf. So cute.

Headed out for breakfast cause yesterday was date-day~ Back to my favourite street in Boston - Newbury! Yes, Uniglo has taken over Boston now. Their pop-up store here was so popular and got so overwhelming, they decided to just open a store.

📍Trident Cafe (Newbury St.) 

I think I'll start mapping the places I go to in Boston so if any of u r coming here, then this is a good bookmark reference? Idk if it would help, but why not?

The breakfast here is good but nothing beats North St Grille for breakfast, but they close on Mon/Tues! 

If u r at Trident, I recommend the French Toast, Cornbeef Hash or even the Benedict. Those are gudz. Do try the latte if you drink coffee.

📍 Trident Bookstore

The cafe is actually located inside this bookstore. They carry a really large number of books and magazines, and not just mainstream stuff either. Sure, it can't beat Barnes and Nobles in terms of selection but it's super cozy lah.

Not only do they have the prettiest display amongst the mess, they also carry little trinkets and masa-masa hahaha

I like them even more now~

My DT's post has taken a backseat cause researching on him drives me slightly furious and the husband hates it 🤣 Plus I really need to settle wedding stuff first so tiny hands can wait.

I really wanted to get these sushi socks for the groomsmen but erm, $11.95. No. Just, no. I shall go on Taobao.

We walked to H&M cause the home section is my happy place. I mean, look at that display. Navy blue has never been one of my favourite but I find myself leaning towards it these days! It has a very comforting effect. I don't mind a neutral-wood-ish navy blue living room. Cozy cozy~

Then I was holding the husband's iPhone 7 and got really trigger-happy with the portrait mode. 

Evidence no. 1. 

Oh I bought the tiniest one cause it was on sales. Have been waiting for them to drop the price since forever. They were charging $25 for the large one (from the picture) and it's $15 now. Ridiculous. No one was buying it cause so expensive pls! But it's clearing slowly now with the sales.

Evidence 2.

Evidence 3. I so nearly bought the perfume spray but I told myself to be more sane.

Look at this fabulousness. After reading some article with the husband about outlet shopping, I went onto Nordstrom Rack online to figure them out and they were partnering with HauteLook for events. One of the events is for Yoki. These were 50% off and pretty sure it's $14 after discount. 

But I can't un-see the lobster claws right at the tip. The flower is just too light against the nude BG and the red stands out so much so.....claws.