Wedding: Tea Ceremony Cheongsam

It snowed like craaaaazy a couple of days back. It has officially been 5 months of cold and it isn't letting up. Looks like December. I know that doesn't actually make sense but you know what I mean. 

It's March. I'm dying from the cold and we still have another 3 more snow days coming up. How are we supposedly at the cornerstone of winter and spring??

On a completely different note, I have my tea ceremony dress checked!

I posted this a couple of days ago as my pick for my tea ceremony dress. Since I'll be wearing it only for a couple of hours and I have to wear it with super-gold 四点金, I decided I wanted smth simple and not too ex. 

I wanted to wear a kebaya cause my grandma's peranakan but my mom seemed really against it for some reason so I decided to go with a cheongsam.

Idk why but I decided to try Amazon and of course there's cheongsam on Amazon. Hahahaha wtf pls. I found the one I liked but the shop seemed relatively new. They had a couple of cheongsams but there was only one dress with 2 very positive reviews. Damn yolo but I told myself no matter what I can return lah so just try? Never try, never know hahaha

The Amazon shop I got it from. I just checked and they upped their price by $10! I got it for $50 plus $10 shipping so in total, my dress was $60. 

I'm sure there's more resourceful ladies out there who can find this on taobao - pls don't tell me the price okay. Later I heart pain. But aiya, okay, it's really still within my budget and I have time in Boston to try and return if needed. Not too bad. 

I was pretty impressed when I got an email from the shop asking for my measurements so they could see if altering is needed. I already picked size 2 at checkout and that's just an added service they provide 👌🏼 The measurement details included the height of the heels I was gonna wear the dress with. 

What was most impressive was I got it within like, 1.5 weeks?


The dress came in an envelope but it was packed nicely and was really weighted leh! First impressions - it's really very well done. The stitching is nice, the inner piece is thick and the lace is pretty and wispy. All in all, I was very pleased. Now comes the fitting test.

Sorry for this really badly taken picture 🙈 I briefly snapped this for my bridesmaids to see and I was looking like a hot mess. Also, the one on the left is the original pic as shown duh. 

Anyw, I was wearing my heels beneath and everything fitted really nicely! I don't think I need to alter anything at all??

And how it looks from the side. I love the pleats! Not too shabby fitting huh.

Close-up on the front. I don't like the shiny sequins AT ALL so I'm probably gonna unstitch and remove those beadings and sequins. I look like a kid playing dress-up with the beadings

Definitely red lips to match the dress that day. Yah omg definitely removing those beadings and sequins. 

Okay, overall, I'm really pretty pleased with the dress and quality! That's also why I held off taobao lah. I really don't order enough to know about quality. At least I always have free returns and refunds on Amazon without hassle!

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