Snowed in.

We have literally been snowed in the past few days. Almost a full cm of snow on the table after a couple of hours. I'm a snow lover so this doesn't bother me at all but pretty sure the husband is dying from the cold and white-out. 

Since I can't do anything, I started nesting. I packed my entire area including rearranging my makeup, then started on the house - pack the toilet storage area, dusted all the rugs, mopped and finished laundry. 

Also cooked a zillion meals cause no shop or restaurant was open during the storm. I don't wanna eat my cooking anymore.

We caught this on Netflix one night and omg, it's so good. Just watching Jiro prepare the sushi is more than enough. Mouthwatering is definitely the right word to describe it. 

But the discipline he has is truly on another level. Not only am I impressed, I think I'm in awe. I would be terrified to ever eat infront of him.

Don't watch this if you're hungry.

Packed a box of samples - most of it came from Sephora and Ulta. Gonna start using them to discover new stuff. 

I am running out of space here which really means I needa stop.

Go follow me on IG (@/beautypeadia)! I still am trying to swing into the habit using Insta-stories but getting there, getting there.

Got two more acrylic storage drawers. I feel like I'm madly stocking the drawers up cause the measurements of these are perfect and I intend to ship them back to SG when we are done in Boston. Is it crazy? Am I crazy? The cost might kill me but I can't bear to give these up

I found my pretty pretty lipstick in the meantime. Forgot how much I enjoyed using this. 

Speaking of this, I was intending to include this as one of my bridesmaid's giftbox but I changed my mind. Let me show y'all a sneak first.

I've posted the cups before so no biggie but these are all incomplete! Just part of what's going into the box. I LOVE the mini moscato and it's gonna look prettier after I'm done with it. I can't wait to have everything put together and give it to them. 

I'm just left with finding a suitable box that fits all of them.

Mega appreciate how F21 now carries selected indie brands. Not really indie per say, but less mainstream lah. I got this off the site in 7 and it's a perfect fit. Imma 24.5cm for feeeeet 👣 Plus this is in the softest suede black ever. 

Sliders and mules coming back in trend means my feet are extremely happy and they are truly perfect for lazy people.

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