Guide to Shopping at Bugis Street.

I've always been a east-side kinda girl and Bugis Street has always been my hangout since I was I secondary school. I've seen it gone from a one-level non-airconditioned, almost-pasar malamish to what it kinda is today. It's SO MUCH MORE comfy to shop there these days with additional 2 air-conditioned levels. Luv it. 

I'm really quite small and petite so sometimes, blogshops and regular brands don't fit me at all. The good thing about BS is the sizings are rather awesome for ppl like me

Here is my quick 101 guide to conquering Bugis St.! I know some girls find that place rather messy/intimidating but once u know the place, it's really rather easy to maneuver.

I luvvvv Bugis Street. It has been my hangout since I was a kid and because I'm rather petite, a lot of clothes there fit me better compared to other shops. Plus their rent is cheaper than shops so u can actually find blogshop clothes at a much cheaper rate there!

So from my point of view, I'm standing opposite Bugis St., at Bugis Junction. Cross the extremely long road and you'll be at the entrance. There's obviously many many entrance u can get in from but I'll show y'all my usual route lah k.

This is the entrance I normally take. I have a specific route I take and I find it easier to do it this way cause I can conquer everything without being lost. 

On your left should be a juice store and right would be a watch store. 

Walk straight down the path until u see.....

This toy store on your left. Behind this toy store would be a clothes shop and right beside it, there's an escalator.

Cannot miss one! I take this up to the 2nd floor where it's air-conditioned and easier to walk. Boyfriends and SOs complain less cause it's not as hot & humid as the first floor. I have first-hand experience hahaha

Right off the escalator would be this view. Just walk straight and you will see....

The store I bought my 3 for $5 earrings!

I bought these tassel earrings in white, black and red! 

 Facing the earrings store, on your left would be where it gets confusing. Imma try to break it now.

This area is split into 3 rows. Let's do Row 1 first.

Row 1 has shoes and clothes....idk what to caption this actually cause erm, every row also have shoes and clothes

I'm sure some of u all are familiar with Montifs (i hope??) and they carry similar blogshop pieces at a cheaper rate - $15-$18. Pls don't ask me about quality lah okay. This is Bugis St. 😂 It's really not the place to look for quality.

Entire Row 1. Most stores carry similar pieces so u can walk about and compare prices if u prefer. I don't normally care cause the difference is AT MOST $2. It's more work for me to walk back to the original store.

See?? All these are familiar blogshop pieces right. Prices are not like Taobao obvs, but if u r not a fan of TB cause don't get to try or see the piece, I think Bugis St is kinda a good option to check out these pieces lah. 

I normally browse through Row 1 quite fast leh. But if u r new there, then check out the stores on ur left! Mostly rather stylish pieces and can find quite good finds one. Me no bluff u.

If u walk all the way to the end of Row 1, u can just make a turn to Row 2.

There's an escalator that will also bring u up to Level 3 but that's for later.

Right at this spot, on the right, this shop sells a lot of cute skirts and sizings are not too bad too. I bought a few long vests from there before but I can't seemed to find any picture I have wtf

So this is the entire Row 2. I don't normally get stuff from this Row 2 cause it has a bit more funky stuff that's not up my alley, but to me, the fun part of Bugis St. is really just exploring the shops and seeing if there's any thing that catches my eye. Abit like thrift shopping hahaha must hunt for the good stuff.

If u come out of Row 2, this is a empty space that also sells clothes. I bought a pair of $15 white culottes from here before and they are still my fave ones up to date!

Ehhh sozzz not a good example to show but it's this pair 😳 It's also high-waisted and fit petite sizes well!

Using this as reference again, once u exit Row 2 thru it's front, on your right would be Row 3 (spot that yellow sign?)

It belongs to this shop that sells accessories. Turn right and it would be Row 3. I personally shop at Row 3 more. 

(I'm sorry all u strangers that ended up in my shots)

This is Row 3! There's a slight curve so I couldn't take the entire row. 

Just walk along it and I think around the 5th store, you will see this HUGE one.....

That takes up about 2 shops' spaces. This is where I bought my top you girls have been asking about!

This one! For $10 pls hahaha

There you go. All the colors available. That forest green is quite cute too.

Inside got more okay. Different ruffles included

I ended up buying this babydoll too in the prettiest red from there too, when I was doing this guide HAHAHA fml 

And then u can just continue walking down to check out the other stores lor. 

On the left, at the second last store (the last store would be a shoe shop), is where I bought....

This pair of wide-legged pants I rmbr some of u asking me about! It's $18/pair and $30 for 2 so u can go drag a friend to buy with u 😂 I love that it's elasticized!

Okay back to this escalator behind Row 1/2, u can take it up to level 3. I'm personally not a huge fan of that level tho.

Right on level 3 will be all these stores and they kinda all sell similar stuff so I won't go into much explanation.

Since the escalator is located at the extreme end of Level 3, just walk towards the front and u will see more shops with more clothes. This specific one (which would be on your right if u walk straight down the first row) has 'trendier' stuff and nicer quality and price is also within the BS price range! Not too shabby. 

Sometimes, if u r nice, can bargain somemore. But don't go overboard lah. The stuff alr quite cheap there hahaha

Also, in front of this shop is where my SIL and I buy our favourite sticky bras!

Posting this is SO weird but here is my sticky bra HAHAHA wtf. It's cloth-based in front and has a clasp in the middle. And the best part is it's SUPER BLOODY STICKY. I love this shit. 

It works great for people who are not as small as me too cause I know girls with diff sizes who are using it too! Love this. I can't exactly rmbr the price but probably within $10-20. Not ex at all lah.

3rd level just has more of these shops that carry more of these similar looking pieces so as I said, if u wanna compare, then just walk around. To me, that's the most fun part of Bugis St. lah. 

3rd floor is full of mani/pedi places that are not expensive AT ALL!! Go check those out! After shopping can relax HAHAHA

This door is located on the second floor, right behind the place that sells the earrings and it's normally the exit I take to go back downstairs. Once u get down, turn left and walk all the way straight! Right opposite you will be Bugis Plus and it's your way back to civilization HAHAHAH

Behind this door is just a shocking red sight that makes me think of 50 Shades Red Room of Pain and it has a door that leads to nowhere. 

I sincerely hope that door is locked and no one ever comes through it.

And I conclude the end of my quick guide! Obviously I never bring you through the ENTIRE Bugis St. cause I think 1. I'll die and 2. Idk how to do that - maybe need a floor plan or smth haha

It's more of the route I take when I head there and where I normally see and shop at lor. But Bugis St. is quite fun one lah. Just walk and explore!! Hope all your significant others don't hate me,

Okay have fun shopping, ladies!