Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands.

So, this has always been a popular post on Dayre and I decided that if I placed it here, it's gonna be waaayyy easier for you girls to find it. 

It's a personal preference but I have no preference for solitaire rings or colorless diamonds. I never had leh! I mean, yah they are beautiful, of course but I know I've always wanted something vintage-looking. I love anything old and chaotic. Clean & modern has no appeal to me personally. 

Before getting THE ONE, I've always gone round to jewelry places to look at the rings and nothing ever caught my eye. Hard to please hor? 

Knowing the husband, he would have entered Tiffany & Co and pick a solitaire ring and I quickly made it known that I don't want that. Plus I'm abit giam (which explains my drugstore-obsession) & I don't want him to pay for the brand, rather than the ring itself. A lot of my married friends have told me to get a ring custom-made rather than get one from the shops so I immediately thought of Etsy. It's known for its handmade items and where else better to find vintage-looking pieces? 

Also, on a separate note, the husband is in a startup. That means he is not getting paid aside from a stipend from his school. We also didn't want to use parents' money to pay for the ring! I think it's more meaningful to me too cause it's his own hard-earned money. 怎么讲我们才25岁lor (We are only 25yo after all leh). I know there are couples who marry earlier but he literally JUST graduated that year.

If u ever see my Wedding Ring category on Pinterest, these are my saved images of my dream wedding rings. 

I really adore halo rings and just colored gems, compared to colorless diamonds. I love colors. If u know me and my crazy love for boho, u know I adore colors. The more colorful, DA BETTA. If I can wear 16 colors in one attire out and not be judged, I probably would. 😂

The white halo diamonds are gorgeous but to me, the gold one with its little ridge band is so much more stunning. 

So firstly, I had to settle on a colored gem I prefer! 

Pink has always been one of my favourite colors. Yah, one cause I really have a lot of 'favourites'. HAHAHA I was actually debating between amethyst, opal, moonstone or a pink stone. I hadn't done much research on pink stones so I thought I'd start there. I immediately didn't want any pink sapphires or diamonds cause of the price range. I didn't want anything expensive. The cost isn't the point here. If we could afford an expensive ring then ok, sure. 

But the thought that it's coming from the husband's first proper job's pay made everything so much more special to us. After researching and ALOT of googling, I settled on a morganite ring. Morganite is a clear pink ‘species’ of the gemstone Beryl. It is named after the collector and US banker.


Ok, a few facts about morganite. Morganite varies in shades from the palest pink through to a soft violet. However, the hardness is 8x softer than a diamond; so longevity might be an issue here especially if u wear the ring daily. 

I wear my ring only when I'm out and I'm only in my wedding band mostly. Plus, regular polishing helps to keep the shine and I have my own goldsmith for that so ok lor! Seems to be a good choice.

If u key in 'morganite ring' into Etsy, u get over 9000 results and omg I browsed for DAYS, consulting so many friends and families. 

My wedding band is in 18k gold and I know no matter what, my engagement ring HAS TO BE gold. Again, personal preference lah. I messaged a couple of Etsy shops after narrowing cost, design, diff grades of gold availability plus shipping time and finally landed on one!

This is the shop on Etsy that we got my ring from after browsing 15628 shops. I might or might not be exaggerating.

This picture caught my eye and heart ❤️ immediately and instead of 14K gold, I requested for a top-up to 18K gold. 

Also, because my fingers are incredibly small, and the sizes available were not suited for me, I had to get them to customize my ring size for 3.25. 

I also settled for the 6x8mm dimensions instead of 7x9mm one cause my fingers are so small, I think the bigger one would look garish. 

The shop owner was incredibly responsive and patient with all my requests. And the shipping time was so much faster than expected! It came in a nude suede ring box and it was super luxe. 

The price varies but it's really not expensive. After all the adjustments, he paid a little less than SGD$1K for it.

And this is my engagement ring! I am soooooooo in love with it, as I'm sure all women are with their rings. 

I am also in love with how it sits so perfectly with my wedding band and pairs with it so well. Totally like a dream come true. So grateful. I love that it's gold, I love the different shades of pink reflected in different lighting, I love the dimensions, I love the halo around the gem and around the band. I absolutely love it.

It really has such a special place in my heart and it's the most precious thing I wear, next to my late grandma's necklace.

And this is how our wedding bands look like. It's actually fully customized by our family's trusted goldsmith and both rings added up to only 1.1k$. All in 18K gold with about 12 diamonds on mine. Now, lemme go into details for that. 

If u have been following me since before my ROM, u might probably rmbr I only had less than 3 months to get my wedding bands and I fell in love with this T&C's design. 

It was simple and plain and I really loved it. However, I did not love the price. $3K leh??? 

Love & Co. 

However, the waiting time was crazy. I had less than 3 months to the ROM and to get the designs I wanted, Love&Co. said that it HAD to be done at least 3 months beforehand. Also, the price for that design was also around $2k for just that one ring. 

Zzzzzz. Then my parents suggested the goldsmith my family go to regularly and I brought my design down to the uncle. Yes, you actually HAVE to have a design in mind before going down because it isn't a shop. There isn't any catalogues or products for u to browse. It's a small little workshop located at People's Park Complex and he works out from there. So this is one of the things to note but I'll share more later on.

Uncle really v nice and honest. We have been going there for years and pls know that I'm not earning anything out of this ok. Just sharing.

I brought down a couple of images like the above to show him and he gave me some advice on the design as well. I got my design from the very first promise ring the husband gifted me on our...4th year together! 

Firstly, uncle advised me not to get the exact same one cause the individual prongs for the diamonds mean that it will attract and trap lotsa dust and dirt over the years. I also told him I don't want a fully paved diamond ring but a half one and after some discussion, we agreed on a design. 

He also told me that pure or 24K gold is really malleable and if I want diamonds on it, the best would be 18K gold. So basically I talked to him and let him advise me on what's best for my design cause he has been in this industry for damn long and I would think he knows best lah.


As for the husband, he is a simple man hahahaha All he requested for was a matte surface and he let me pick gold cause I'm really a gold-kinda girl. So the husband settled for 18K 4mm matte gold. 

After showing him the design & discussing to him for about 30 mins, he told us that it should be done in 1 month and he quoted us SGD$1.3K for both.

HOW IS IT SO FAST AND SO CHEAP. Wah I was so relieved! Everything was within budget and gonna come on time. Best part of it all?

He called me in 3 weeks and told me the rings were done. Not only were they done, the expected price was EVEN lower at SGD$1.1K for TWO RINGS. 

My ring retained its original shiny surface with 12 diamonds paved halfway across the band and the husband one is matte surface as he requested. I chose mine to be this way so it sits comfortably on top of my engagement ring. I don't like gaps between my rings personally cause anal!

Oh before I forgot, I should add that size might play a part so I'm in a US3.25 and the husband is in a US10

Extra info:

  • I am NOT related to him in any way but he is highly trusted by my family. My aunts and parents have always brought our jewelry to be restoned/polished/redesigned etc.
  • Do bring a design in mind or catalogs of ur own. It's a small run-down workshop so pls don't go expecting any products u can view.
  • I wasn't fussy about my grade or cut or wtv of diamonds AT ALL. So I let the uncle choose for me. I mean, for me, shiny can alr. I don't have other requirements.
  • He does have the necessary sample ring sizes and cone to measure so if u and ur SO is present, ur sizing shouldn't go wrong! 
  • Communication is done preferably in Chinese/Cantonese/Hokkien 
  • Both our rings are 18K gold and mine just has additional 12 small diamonds and BOTH cost SGD$1.1K. Your design WILL affect your price so pls bear that in mind k! 
  • His shop is open from 12nn - 7pm and is located at People's Park COMPLEX (There's a PP Center and a PP Complex so don't get the wrong one!) 
  • Address: People's Park Complex #02-71A

Once you're in the mall, go to the escalator in the center (there are a few at the sides but go to the one at the main atrium) and take that escalator up. This shop will be your first sight on the 2nd floor, right in front of the escalator. TURN LEFT.

There's these money changers and a small lane right between. Walk in and take a sharp left.

About 1/2m, there's another small turn u have to make.

Don't turn right k! It will lead u to the mall again. Walk straight and u will see the car park!


Yeap, you're at the right place if u see the car park. Walk towards it.

And turn right! His shop is tucked away in this little corner. (That's not the uncle btw HAHAHA)

It's a small workshop so don't be too taken aback by appearance lah. 

I know some of u girls got lost tryna find this place and I apologize!!! Hope this makes it clearer for u all now