The Tinsel Rack

还是家最好🏠! Really, home is DA BEST. 

Immediately after stepping off the plane, we were invited by the warm humid air, followed by all the Singaporean accents and slangs around us! 

Seeing my mom and dad looking earnestly from the departure hall glass doors, holding my mom and dad and not talking to them thru a screen. My dad not even letting me lift a finger to push my own trolley. Having dinner at kopitiam and my dad wanting to carry my noodles back to the table for me 😂😭 老爸,我27岁了啦. Getting into my dad's beat-up van and sitting at MY SEAT, wishing for the volume of the radio to just be a tad bit louder as usual, but just happy to be in their company. 我真的很想你们.

They were really excited for me to be back and my mother wanted to go to Chinatown even though it was like, 10pm, so we went. 

Which turned out to be a pretty good trip cause I managed to get red packets!

除夕's details! 

Is it tmi to add my 大姨妈 also wanna join CNY?

My SIL is crayyyyyy. Look at the amount of makeup she hoarded for me over the past few months. Can I add she is the best sister ever okay. 

Oh I didn't wanna take it separately but my cuz got me the wine lip tints!!! Zomg I was eyeing them so bad and she read my mind. I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY.

Then as if the makeup not enough, SIL also got me mermaid stuff. Wah I knot. Plz, what did I do in my past life to deserve my second family.

除夕 #ootd ! Wah I'm super glad ALL my taobao bottoms fit!! I have disproportionate hips to waist ratio 😂 

Top: Bugis St
Skirt: Taobao
Shoes/Bag: F21

Joyce from The Tinsel Rack very generously invited me to check out her Orchard Gateway store for #TTR and yes, this phrase. She was really my savior cause I had zero CNY outfits this year! Boston was still selling winter apparels when we left. Can't wait to show y'all what I pick!

There was so many girls still! Iz it all last minute ah. The shop is so nice and clean. The husband commented that he liked the hanging bar they used to hang clothes.Can spot 老板娘 busying away! She was so attentive even tho the shop so busy. Really v sweet


The hanging bar my husband likes 😂 I love the tops but I got 3 dresses in the end cause I would have no bottoms to match for CNY.

Thank u again, Joyce! It was really nice to see u irl after stalking ur IG for so long 🙊 I had a lot of fun!

Another piece I tried! I love the flare cause like, make my waist smaller AND hide tummy right? My SIL and hubby immediately went, 'Wah this one very you.' YAZ, it is.

LOOK AT HOW NICE THIS IS. The slit reaaaalllllly makes the dress pop so much. Can't wait to take proper #ootd tmr with shoes and bag! 

Oh btw, look at the size of the fitting room. It's so huge and comfy plus good lighting! Luv comfy dressing rooms.

Today's #fotd ! Finally managed to find good lighting hahahaha

Primer: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Primer (Luminous Light)
Foundation: Laneige Pore Control BB (21) + Clearlast Medicated
Concealer: UD Naked Skin (Light|Neutral) + Tarte Shape Tape (Fair|Neutral)
Contour: CP Sculpting Stix (Dove) + KVD contour powder (Sombre)
Highlight: Sleek Solstice Palette
Blush: Milani Baked Blush (Luminoso)

Brows: NYX Microbrow Pencil
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies Push Up + Laneige String Longlash Mascara
Liner: NYX Tres Jolie Gel Liner
Shadow: Carli Bybel Palette + ABH Modern Renaissance

Lipstick: WnW Liquid Catsuit (Give Me Mocha)

Last to-do for tonight! Accompanying my dad to his yearly CNY eve visit to the temple. Glad that both the hubs and I get to accompany my parents this year. 

I'm really not a believer of any religion lah. I said this before, I think there's one BIG GOD above and that's all. But omg SO MANY PEOPLE!