Surprise DIY Terrarium Kit!

Husband picked this up for me and told me it was my Christmas surprise and I was so surprised! I wasn't expecting this at all cause I alr bought my Alchemist palette (which he paid for)

A guess?

When I opened the box, I saw styrofoam and the branch first. It was really odd! 

I was like, "Is it a plant?? Wait, a branch? What?"

He got me a DIY terrarium kit!!! And the best part of the gift he claims? 

K: Got 30 days refund if your plants don't survive so it's okay if u accidentally kill them!! We can just get new ones

But I spent 2 hours reading up on succulents and all before doing the de-potting so let's all keep our fingers crossed

I'm using this as a guide and it seemed pretty accurate after comparing it to some other sites as well! 

It seemed like u can get all these quite easily?? Small pebbles, crushed charcoal bits, soil (I think cactus soil is suitable??) and then ur succulents!

Laying down a first layer of pebbles and I threw in a few crystals too. This layer is for water drainage, I believe??

In goes the charcoal. 

So basically, succulents take in moisture from air and don't need as much water thru roots? (I hope I'm getting this right. If not, kind person pls correct me 🙏🏼). 

These kinda plants often die by over-watering cause their roots get too wet and they get root-rot. So charcoal helps absorb moisture! 

And at this point, I had alr messed it up by adding too much charcoal so I had to redo it and the pictures end here HAHA but I'll continue to explain it okay. 

I laid one thin layer of soil down, then start potting over the succulents, seeing how I wanna arrange them. Then I just use a plastic disposable spoon and chopstick to pack on the soil into the corners and stuff. And that's it! 

I went and dug out a old travel-sized mist spray bottle so that will be for misting the plant! Apparently, if they get direct sunlight, they can get burnt too?? There will be brown spots on them or smth. Interesting ah! Haha

End result~ 

I threw in a few crystals and ornaments as well. Okay the color combo is alittle off here but I am definitely going back to SG to buy more crystals. And I can now start adding more succulents and cactus if I want/ Omg the possibilities are endless

pearlyn neokeith and pea