Our first real tree!

So this happened!! Went out to pick our first tree together.

It was really bitter cold cause there was some winter storm. I serious have respect for the sellers srsly. I was out in the cold for like, an hour, and my toes and fingers were threatening to fall off. 

We went to Boston Christmas Trees to pick our tree up and it had one of the best reviews online! And it's exactly how Friends pictured it. We didn't see any old ones go into the chipper tho~

This little bucket is a tree stand (never knew these existed btw) and it came with 3 huge plastic screws to hold the trunk. Then you just fill the tub with water! The seller told us to fill the stand (which is also a container) with water and told us that the tree is gonna drink like crazy for the first tree days, and it was true. It drank almost 1 container each day. Then the process slowed down so I only had to refill once every couple of days. 

During the set-up, I filled the container to about 1/2 and it was almost 1L of water right there alr. I am damn paranoid I am gonna drown a tree okay. But anyw, I checked 3 hours later and all the water was almost gone???

See how crooked the tree was at first. It's really harder than we imagined cause of the super spiky needles! I was wearing my winter gloves to hold the tree whilst the hubs fixed it. He was more obsessed with it and spent a long time choosing the tree okay. I'm glad we found this for cheap and it's so beautiful.

On a side note, the apartment smells heavenly. The falling pine needles don't bother us that much cause we have home-slippers for the ice cold floors so it's fine. Ahh but the smell is so bomb.

The first thing my mama asked when I showed the family back home a picture was, 'Got ants and worms?' 

I replied with, 'Yah got monkey also'

Finally standing straight and tall.

Our bare-ass tree.

Yes it's pretty mighty. It's close to 7ft I think?? Wtf right! The husband wanted an even bigger tree but omg thankfully we didn't cause the apartment ceiling confirm got hole.

We went to Dollar Tree to get our cheapo Christmas tree deco and I ended up picking Christmas stuff for the kitchen too

Marshalls haul! Marshalls is my happy place indeed.

I picked up 2017 calendar and diary! And if you're wondering what that huge pink block is - its a Himalayan sea salt tealight candle holder thingy!! For $5!!! My obsession with these crystals knows no end. I wanted it for the bedside with my other crystals

Isn't it pretttttty 😍 Bought cinnamon spice scented and lavender scented candles to alternate them. Super love this!

Oh I forgot about the tree! We obviously did not realize how big our tree is and how much deco we needed so it's kinda bare in some spots. Oh don't even look at the back of the tree

Then we ended up buying tree lights when it was going on sales at CVS! Made everything looked more complete.

It was especially stunning at night!

Dollar Tree's ornaments turned out super pretty as well!