How I Met My Wife #HIMMW

So the first wedding anniversary gift exchange is traditionally Paper and I told the husband I don't need anything fancy, but just a #HIMMW post. E-Paper also count right? I'll leave you all to him, everyone, meet my husband, Keith. 


Hello, Keith here.

A little about me: I love music. From as young as I could remember, I've always loved music. The power it has, the self-expression, the lifestyle, the way a guitar feels, performing, etc. I love poker too, I think it's one of the world's most beautifully designed games. Boxing, boats, chicken rice and a ton of other stuff are on the list too. 

But for all the things I love in my life that makes me feel alive, none of that, not even if I combined all of them together, none of that comes close to the way she makes me feel. 

The way she stops time, the way she pulls all my 5 senses into singularity, the way she smile.

 Just her alone. 

And today, on our first wedding anniversary (also because I've owed her this since forever, so long that she's kinda given up on nagging me to do it), I'll tell you guys how I became the luckiest guy in the world. 

When I was younger in my teens, just like many Singaporean kids, I attended tuition classes. One of them was at a popular group tuition centre called Mavis. It was a pretty big class. ~40 people? 

On the start of a new semester, I was seated all the way at the back of the classroom with my friends, when this girl with knee-high sneaker boots, yellow top & long black hair (think Avril Lavigne when she started to sell out and go all girly) walked in.

 Here's what I still can't really figure out:

I don't know what was it. I was drawn to her the moment she entered the room. I don't know what about her did that. 

From what I recall, I was talking to my friends when it was as if something caught the side of my eye and by reflex, I looked up. And once I looked up, I couldn't look away. 

I remembered telling my "brudder" beside me, that I had to get to know her, and all this time I hadn't even seen her face yet! Just a glimpse of her side view before she sat down. True story. 

After class, I didn't really know what to do. I wanted to follow her but yet I couldn't because I had to be cool and hang back with my friends. So of course, I lost sight of her. 

I recalled not shutting up about her. I wondered about her school and if she was new around. My friends were teasing me about it when one of them went "Keith, she's right there". 

Of course I knew I couldn't miss this opportunity. My heart sped up; I was nervous,14 and scared. But I had to get to know her.

So I did what I had to do. I flipped open my motorola razor, handed it to my trusty "brudder" and went, "Help me ask leh." That's what friends are for. 

I had to spend the next 5 mins convincing him to help me get her number. He then spent the next 5 minute circling her and her friend. When he handed my phone to her, time seemed to pause. I think I breathe again when he came back with a mission-accomplished thumbs-up 👍🏼

I hung around and waited till her dad came to pick her up. Then I texted "hi, keith here". She was already getting into her dad's car when she stopped and looked at her phone and replied with "hello, I'm pearlyn". 

We stayed in contact even after the semester ended. Our 'conversation' never really started nor ended. Don't get me wrong. There were long periods of time; months even when we weren't talking to each other but somehow, we always found a way back into each other's lives. 

It really wasn't until my "going out all day every day" phase where started to meet up more constantly. It actually started with texting one night and I had asked her for supper at Macs after I had met my friends. Till this date, I don't think I've known someone who love Macdonalds this much.  

I wasn't nervous or anything this time, waiting for her to meet me. In fact, what I remember most fondly of during that time was how natural it all felt. It was like we just clicked.

Everything simply progressed naturally and things took it's own course with us. 

I found myself pushing back my drink sessions with my friends because I was spending all my time at Macs. I found myself always wanting to be around her. I found myself caring for her like no other. In a way, I found myself through her.

It wasn't till after a random army "half-day" when I in my sergeant's car with the rest of my platoon mates heading for lunch when I got a text. She was not feeling well. I still remember the car was at the light in front of Bugis Junction when I hurriedly told my sergeant to drop me off so I could get a cab to get her. For whatever reason, it felt like it wasn't even a choice. She wasn't feeling well, I had to be there.

I told her to wait for me at the cab stand and as she came into sight, my heart sped up. It was as if I was blind to everything before and everything before that led up to this very moment. This time it was different. It just felt right. When she got settled in the cab, I reached for her hand and she simply rested her head on my shoulder. 

And now we're here. Known each other for more than a decade, together for about eight years and married for a year.