2nd move, locked out & scaled a fence

Our lease is a pretty standard 12-month lease so on this current date, we are out of a place by...20th....which is today. HAHAHAFor the past few days, we have been deciding to stay or move and after seeing 4 apartments, crunching numbers, and running about Boston, we are moving! 

This is really #yolo ttm. My ISFJ brain requires planning and organizing for such stuff and definitely not moving an entire apartment in 2 days! Hahaha can't believe it's my second apartment move on Dayre. Can't wait to show y'all this place!

It is apparently possible to pack up an apartment in 1.5 days. I am SO TIRED. The husband is handling big picture stuff - deposit, moving truck, rental insurance, billings etc. whilst I'm doing all the small picture stuff so ALL THE PACKING.

It's admittedly gonna be easy cause the complex we stay in makes moving really a lot a lot easier.

I've managed to put all of the stuff on my table in this basket. Don't have time to pack individually so we are moving everything as it is. Damn joke.

We are seran-wrapping everything holding or containing something and we garbage-bagged our clothes so hangers are all intact.

I'm sitting on the heater ledge one last time as I take in the sight. I really cannot believe we are saying bye. I remember how I felt when I first saw this place and how it quickly became home to us. I think I'm gonna miss the doggies in this complex the most. 

Alrighty, the husband and JY is off to get the truck and I need to pack up the bed so we can go when they come back. 

Last big item and its bye for realzzzz!

Adult tetris and off we go.

And we made it. All in 3.5 hours! Now comes the unpacking.

I know the layout looks exactly like the previous one but i swear it's not. This has an additional bedroom so yay!!

View from the other side. 

And this is one of the best life hack ever. It makes the packing clothes process so much faster. The process of folding and re-hanging alone took me hours the last time.

Welcome to the before. Can't wait to show the after! Yes, that's a bag of rice on the floor HAHAHAHAH #Asians

The size of this kitchen is just unbelievable. I cannot believe we got this place for less. We are not even VERY far out from the city! I love it. 

I HATE MOVING. Ok so basically, after moving everything, we headed straight to the sushi place opposite and thankfully, it was super decent. I was RAVENOUS and just gobbled everything so no pictures.

Then it was just unpacking for the next 6 hours. 

 The most eventful part of the night? 

We had finished packing the entire apartment and what's left were some really beat-up boxes we had to get rid by bringing them down to the disposal site. We could only get to the disposal area using the basement back door - the same door we had to use to move cause the trucks can only park at this little back car park.

1. We were wearing tees and leggings for me, sweats for the hubs cause we were just packing right? So we went down in that in 5°C
2. We didn't think of putting a stopper at the door cause while moving earlier, the door wasn't lock and we could enter/exit freely. 
3. Didn't know the car park gate closes and segregates out the entire back car park.
4. Only way back into the complex is THRU THAT DOOR

Long story short, we were basically locked in the car park with no way back in, and a 7ft fence surrounding us. The only way that could work was me climbing over the fence, going in through the front entrance (where I was standing to take this picture) and go to the basement and open the door from the inside. 

The husband carried me high enough for me to secure myself up there and then I jumped. Like, omg wtf was I thinking. I was so tired that I just did it, which I guess was good cause 100% awake me will never agree to smth like that. 

But okay, unscathed, unharmed and just sore muscles from packing

Our view for this apartment! It sees right into a park above these stones/mountains kinda thing. And if u look closely...


Okay anyw, the apartment is coming together with just figuring out the nitty gritty stuff and then boom, we are gonna head back to SG in 4 days! Crazy fast.