2016 Black Friday Shopping

Wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving! 

It's nice to have family overseas cause u get to feast and have fun when the whole entire town is like, dead. It's SO quiet since everyone is home for thanksgiving!

Such a blurry picture but husband's aunty and uncle are really so nice lah. They were the one who ran back and forth from the hospital when the husband was in there. 

Look at Aunt Janice and her peace sign haha She has been teaching third graders for THIRTY YEARS!!

And not forgetting.......Thanksgiving-style dinner with a oven-baked turkey and all!

Before I forget - my thanksgiving #fotd ! I know I've been wearing this sweater to death but omg it's SO WARM and comfy. Anyw, I picked taupe! 

Primer: Hourglass Ambient Lighting (Luminous Light)
Foundation: LRP Effaclar BB Blur (Fair/Light) + Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid
Concealer: MUFE HD Concealer
Contour: Colorpop Contour Stix (Dove) + NYX Blush (Taupe)
Highlight: Sleek Palette (Solstice) + WnW Geometric Explorations (Desert Explorations) 
Blush: Stila A Whole Lot of Love Palette 

Brows: NYX Micro Brow Pencil (Black) 
Mascara: Maybelline Push Up Falsies + Laneige String Longlash mascara
Liner: NYX Tres Jolie Gel Liner + KVD Tattoo Liner (Trooper) 
Shadow: Stila A Whole Lot of Love Palette

Lipstick: NYX Lingerie (Push Up) 

Went for a nude lip cause I couldn't find anything to match. Or....I couldn't find anything I want to match. It's like clothes. I have a gazillion but I always have 'nth to wear' zzzz

I personally, like to shamelessly add, that my glows are damn on point recently. I used Sleek Solstice palette (swatches here > #pea2016day221 ) in Equinox and then layered a WnW Geometric Highlighter on it! 

I always forget how much I like the Solstice palette until I use it.

My #eotd ! Is there such a thing? Have lah. Haha Soft taupe cause it was dinner with family and I didn't want anything....dramatic. So muted down err'thang.

I found my old pictures for the A Whole Lot of Love Palette and they are all alr labeled! Score. Damn shiok. The blush that I used is in no. 2!

Used 6, 8 and 11 for eyes

Isn't 6 sooooo pretty. Applied it from inner to middle lid and then went in with 8 at the outer corner. No. 11 is not in the picture but it's a cool-tone mid brown so I used that all over the crease. Super quick and simple.

Heading to the mall at 1am and this has got to be the toughest decision of life! I really really want my bed but I also wanna go to the mall. Mall wins cause there's Taco Bell and I'm starving.

Hello from the CambridgeSide Galleria mall! Idk why but the mall is quieter this year!

The first thing we did was to eat. It was 2am and look at dat crowd.

During the short amount of time I was there, I saw three people walking out the mall with huge tvs! Heard that 60" televisions are going for $500 each that day. 

Haul! But say first, I only bought one pair of fleece socks and one palette I've been wanting for awhile so.....nth else in there is mine.

Our loot, which tbh wasn't a lot got 3 hours of shopping. But see my palette see my palette!!! 

The husband loves loves loves these Nike socks cause he got sweaty soles. Haha they were all going for 50% off. A&F, Hollister, VS and all were also 50% entire store haha wtf Macy's sales were sick too. We got stuff for my MIL!

Armed for the rain and Black Friday Shopping Round II Lezzgo

First shop = first haul HAHA I got ALL blush stuff from F21, including a leather jacket. Plus some stuff from Uniglo. The husband had a good time at Aldo with stuff going for 70% off.

I've always been curious by this Fairy Shop on Newbury St but have never ever went in till date! They have tons of HP stuff - wands and time-turners and all that kinda stuff. Never knew about it.

How the eff did I not know about this mini!!! I would have bought them ALL. SO CUTE WTF

Ahh all in all, I did not have a fruitful BF this year. So disappointing.