Mini-Golf and Date-Day


We took one random Friday night off to play mini-golf!

To be specific, Monster Mini Golf. It looked so super shady right?? I asked the husband if the place is legit cause I didn't wanna end up dead or wtv. 

Turned out I shouldn't judge a book by its cover 

Everything is black-light. This is glow-in-the-dark mini golf! 

It was part arcade, part mini-golf so there were kids in there as well. 自己吓自己. It's $10 per person and u just pay at the cashier which had this random head sitting on the counter. Why not?

The decor was very Halloween-appropriate but I wasn't too sure if it's like that year round?

You would think so much time spent on the driving range would do me good but omg no, I suck at mini golf

The whole time, I was just observing all the decor! There were random coffins coming up from the ground, acting as obstacles and the course was pretty fun too

The paintings on the wall was rather impressive too. I was so fascinated with the decor in general. What? You couldn't tell?

At the end, you shoot the ball into creepy clown's mouth!

Hahaha even played some arcade and the hubs won me some tix. Tho idk what to do with them now


Found this on my camera roll - if u look really closely, u will realize that both of 'em are looking straight at the camera. Damn cute. How do they climb so fast btw. By the end of this shot, both of them had scrambled to the top of the tree! 

Ok gotta make some coffee before my still-sleeping brain decides to post all the weird photos on my camera roll

New nails, old rings. I was packing and realized I left an entire collection of Pandora rings in SG. Me and my pea-brain. How do I always plan what to bring up months in advance and ALWAYS manage to leave smth behind? Teleportation needs to be invented faster 😬

Taupe nails to match my outfit later~

War paint on for #fotd . Haha I decided today is cake-on day. 

Primer: Hourglass AL Primer (Luminous Light) 
Foundation: Curel BB (Natural) + Clearlast Medicated
Concealer: MUFE HD Concealer
Contour: Colourpop Sculpting Stix (Dove) + NYX Blush (Taupe)
Highlight: PS Illuminate me Palette + WetnWild Megoglo Illuminate Palette
Blush: Rimmel Match Perfection Blush (003)

Brows: NYX Microbrow Pencil (Black)
Mascara: Laneige String Longlash+ Stila Huge Lash
Liner: BeautyPeople Waterproof Gel Liner
Shadow: Australis/BeautyPeople/Etude House

Lipstick: H&M lipstick (Heyday)

Quite liking my outfit today - its getting chilly really fast 

Went to catch Sully today! I loved it! Wasn't as good as The Martian but it was a great show. A little rushed at the end, but not that big a deal to us

Then we walked thru the park to see the changing leaves. Still alil early so I'm guessing it will be pretty amazing in a few more weeks!

Some of the trees are alr like,'ah fuck it. I'm dying anyway already.'

So many people were trying to take pictures of this albino squirrel!

Quiet spot for my #ootd

Confession: I own this pair of booties for 2 years and it's my first time wearing it. I love ankle boots but I'm too short to pull it off like a normal human being.

Walked down Newbury St. and we wanted ramen for dinner but we kinda forgot it was Saturday and wait time was 90-100 mins

Apparently there's a Lady M store on Newbury and the husband got me two slices. Whee!

Happy date day = Happy wife!