Les Misérables

Was still very much jet-lag and slightly off-tuned when we came back from Japan. This happens every I go back to SG and by the time the jet-lag settles, we have to return to the US and re-tune everything all over again. 

Used the JH Eye Palette! It felt like a special occasion palette. Too pretty to use. If you haven't seen swatches of that palette, you can see them here.

I own like, 485 palettes but I really hardly touch them. Really is #hoarderlife only. I don't like how hooded my inner lids are and sometimes like abit pointless cause when my eyes are wide open, my shadows can't be seen (think Nikkietutorial's eyes). 

Using Chardonnay in inner corner and inner most part of the lid. Champagne Toast over lids and Cordial in the crease. Added a teeny bit of Cognac and Bordeaux in the outer V. Smudge Cognac on lower lash line. Finished it off with liner!

Also loving this mascara-combo! Using the Maybelline Barbie one and then layered the Dolly Wink Lengthening one on top! My lashes were hitting my eyebrows

Such a familiar sight! I like observing how different the USA buildings are from Singapore!

Singapore's skyline is so captivating.

Heard so much good things about this that I was so pumped before the play!

Sneaked in a shot of the background before the usher noticed anything 

Taken right before the play started so I don't have anymore pics after this. 

Omg I love the play. Absolutely love it!!! I caught the movie before so I kinda alr know the gist of everything and the songs included. The husband only read up on the play beforehand so the songs were slightly harder to catch for him and for the in-laws as well.

No surprise my favourite character is Cosette, both in the movie and the play. The effort that goes behind the costumes were simply beautiful. Overall, super worth the time and money! The songs themselves, are just so swoon-worthy.

pearlyn neokeith and pea