I know you.

Every day, I get my breath taken away by how much intimacy we share. We know each other possibly better than we know ourselves. 

I know when you're faking sleep; because when u really go into slumber, your breathing changes. I can hear it when I lie on your chest every night. I know what that grin means when u strut in through the door. When something went so well that day and you can't wait to come home and tell me. I know better than to hog the bathroom in the morning because ur schedule is even more accurate than NASA timing. So I wake up just 15 minutes earlier than you. 

I know what those leg twitches every morning means. You need to pee so bad but you REFUSE to miss that extra 3 minutes of sleep. I know which boxers u prefer so I pack them on top so u can reach them (and also without tossing the entire dresser apart just to find them). I know what you smell like. Like, ice cream on a hot afternoon, sex on Sunday morning, autumn leaves in October, happiness on a swing. You smell like home. 

I know you; raw and transparent. It's is the most humbling experience to share such intimacy with the person you love. And I'm grateful for that.

When 'I need you' becomes more than a phrase or a statement. When it consumes you on all levels - emotionally, mentally and physically. 

You're on my mind 24/7. There's never a second you're away from it. If I can implant you in my mind, I probably would. I want to know what's on your mind - how you feel, what you're thinking, what evil plans you're concocting this time around. It's like a secret world I'm exploring.

My body longs and searches for you; it finds comfort and belonging in your arms. My favourite moment? When you wake up to pee and come back to bed, you lie flat and lift your left arm onto my pillow, and I immediately crawl to you and lie in the nook of your arm. It's understood between the two of us. From there, I take in your scent. My favourite spot right below your ear. I fall back asleep almost instantly. 

My entire existence craves you. You're my personal magnet - drawing me ever so close, holding me ever so tight, tangling my limbs and thoughts all in yours.