Picnic date @ the Common

Having some good ol-fashion Singapore-style breakfast. Can tell we itching to go back home already.

Today's weather is so amazing that we decided we are gonna go to the Common for a picnic later! Means I get to play with my new makeup!

I have Benefit BeneBalm on and Milani Luminoso blush on. Yay, ready to go on date picnic! 

Also using Maybelline the falsies Push-Up Drama Waterproof mascara on my lashes and MJ Highliner in Blacquer for tightlining as well. 

#ootd! Cap to block out the sun.

Prepared a picnic lunch with egg mayo, tuna mayo and mozz cheese with cherry tomatoes!

Getting some precious Vit. D.

We weren't the only ones taking in the sun. I think the whole of Boston was out haha

We took our usual path down the park and I always stop and see the ducks and swans. 

That's one HUGE nest. 

This mother duck was just swimming with her ducklings when couple of other male ducks started attacking her and her babies.

This grandma tried to catch the duck and there was this couple who decided that they'd jumped into the pond. They chased the male ducks away and tried to lead the mother and ducklings aside and this happened a couple of times cause the male ducks kept coming back. 

Thank God all duckies made it away harmless but it was so shocking to see people jump into the pond! I thought he was a crazy dude leh. 

There were couple of other people who were grumbling about the circle of life and how the guy shouldn't have done it. But I thought it was kinda cool thing to do. 

Spring time also means a ton of doggies out and look at this....bear. 

The weather was crazy nice. 23°C the entire time with a nice breeze. So shiok

Luv these graffiti/spray paint works wtv u call them

We took a walk to run some errands and then went gai-gai around downtown 😁😁😁

We were walking around Marshalls when we heard a crash. This lady fell and started seizing omfg. My first instinct was flip her to the side and that's cause of Greys so I didn't dare say anything cause I'm not a doctor?? Then this guy came over and flipped her to the side and I was like, SHOULD HAVE DONE IT. But okay, long story short, people called 911 and she stopped after a while. Just remained unconscious. We didn't wait for the paramedics to arrive cause there was alr a ton of people around her so hopefully she's well now!

Made a detour to Haymarket to pick up some fresh produce. 

Felt like the entire North End was there today. 

Bought grape tomatoes and grapes for my breakfast yay. Also bought $1 watermelon.

Didn't buy much today leh! So proud of myself. Two items only okay. And this is my favourite. 

Primark is fast becoming my go-to shopping place. Got this Moroccan rose reed diffuser for $1.50 and it smells amazing. 

There was a bigger for $4.50 but I didn't like the scents available. This one is so lovely and smells so good. 


Had such a good day today with the husband. So grateful for date-days like these, just the two of us. Felt like we were dating all over again

We could have easily just stayed at home and did our stuff separately but he was so onz & excited when I asked if he wanted to go for a picnic. Even more happy when I made his favorite egg mayo. Very blessed and  contented. 

For dinner, I was craving potatoes so I mashed some and grilled some corns whist the husband did his steaks. AWESOME DAY.