How We Got Together

It started when we were 15yo, at our tuition center. I was at the front of the class, and he was at the back. Our personalities differ straight from that very day. Me, the guai ah-lian. Him, the mischievous, rock-and-roll-music jiak-kan-tang kid. We could not be any more different! 

I was sitting at the bus-stop right down the tuition place with my girl friend, enjoying our packet of oily fries. His friend came over and started circling us. 

I wasn't the kind of girl who gets her number asked. My RBF was/still is very strong. I am pretty used to it by then so I naturally assumed he wanted my gf's number and just continued munching on my fries.

I tell u, fries are my deadly, number 1 weakness till this date. 

So I basically ignored the circling guy (I swear, he went around us THRICE) and focused my attention on fries. 

 "My friend wants your number."

When the phone got thrust right under my nose, I stared at him suspiciously, like he handed me a grenade or smth bad. It was like a.....are-u-sure-u-got-the-right-girl kinda stare. I am very cynical. 

He proceeded to point to his friend, staring at us from afar.

I was very taken aback and abit shock lah! I mean really, whenever this girl friend and I hang out, she almost always gets her number asked! I'm very suspicious of human characters but because I was so shocked, I hastily keyed in my number and boarded my coming bus! 

Before I even finished boarding, my phone pinged with an incoming text. 

'Hello. Keith here.'

Sneaky ah this fella. Maybe checking to see if I gave him the right number, or maybe just trying to see my reaction. 

Abit anti-climax but I couldn't really remember what I replied.


For the next 4 years, he chased me, dined me and gave me drunk missed calls. But on some level, I just felt like we never clicked. 15 yo-me was too blind, too preoccupied and just not into him. Yes, I was very blind and thankfully, he persisted.

In my stubborn heart, since the first time didn't work out, I just assumed it never would already. 

But he was one persistent fella and I'm glad he was! If not, things wouldn't have worked out.

When we were 19, he gave up and decided we should just be friends. He didn't say it out loud, but neither did it feel like he was 'pursuing' me anymore. And that suited me fine! I had no pressure anymore! So guys, don't pressure the girl too much okay HAHA

I could talk on the phone freely with him and text him knowing that, well, we were just friends. I was my loud, crassy self because, we were just friends. I was myself when I was with him cause I didn't feel the need to make sure I wasn't leading anything on. 

One night, he was around my area and asked if I wanted to go to the Macs opposite my house for supper.

You need to know one thing about me - I don't say no to Macs. 

That one Macs night turned into a couple-of-times-a-week routine. He would popped by before OMG WEDNESDAY MAMBO NIGHTS (jeez that was a long time ago!), and other nights before he headed out with his friends. 

It was always, 'I'm on the way to xxx. Wanna supper first?' 

He made me laugh non-stop and I had no walls up because, well, we were just friends. A lot of people can't tell but omg HE IS DAMN FUNNY. Idk anyone who can make me laugh like that?? 

Apparently, the way to my heart is just Macdonalds and humor.T

Me being me, the absolute-obliviousess-to-the-world kinda person, didn't even realized my own feelings were developing. The past 4 years didn't work out. Why would it work now? NTS: don't be such an idiot.

I just found myself really enjoying his company, his texts and his calls. My mother started asking if I had a boyfriend cause I was heading out for supper on a nightly basis, and I had to keep assuring her that I do not have one. I wasn't lying lor! I really didn't.

It was the 9th April 2009 

I dragged my sorryass to work and it was near Tanglin Mall at that time. I had a massive headache whilst opening the bar and I couldn't take it. Decided to take leave for that day and proceeded to walk back to the MRT station. Right in front of Forum Shopping Mall, I realized I wanted to see him very, very badly. I couldn't explain that yearning at all. I just....want to see him. 

It hit me there and then. 

I wanted to see him.

Plain and simple. He was the only person I wanted to talk to, wanted to text, wanted to see. OMG Pea, what an idiot you have been. 为什么人这么犯贱!

I went to the ladies in Forum Shopping Mall and just stood there, staring into the mirror for a good whole 5 mins, having internal debates with all the voices in my head. The voices went, 'text him' , 'no, don't text him'. 

And I did. I decided to just fuck it and ask him 'casually' on his whereabouts. 

Yah, sure. 'Casually' meaning my heart felt like it was gonna burst out of my chest.

I had no game plan. I had never done this before. I wasn't even sure what I was doing. It felt like an out-of-body experience. Damn drama hor? Really was young love. This boy doesn't like texting so there was a high chance he wouldn't even see my text. 
I didn't really think much and simply asked where was he and what was he gonna be doing for the day. It didn't warrant any immediate reply from him too, right?

I began to doubt my decision right as I sent the text out. I was half annoyed by how wishy-washy I was acting?? When did I turn into this crazy person!

I went and sat in the bathroom stall btw. With the seat cover down. Just staring at my phone. Didn't want the toilet aunty to think I was crazy by just standing by the sink. I just sat and stared at my phone in my lap. 

I remembered my heart jumping into my mouth as the vibration kicked in, indicating his reply. 

K: I'm heading to lunch with my Sergeant and friends. Today half-day. Why?'

You have to answer his 'whys'! They are VERY relentless. I knew this was it. I had to do it. I didntwant to say anything by text message and I didn't know how else to go about doing it so I *casually* mentioned that I took off from work and was gonna (maybe) head home. At the same time, also hoping he would get the hint! He replied and the text didn't say much, just told me to stay put at the mall and head to the taxi stand. 

So I did. 

I didn't know how long I sat there for but the next thing I knew, he alighted from a cab and was sitting beside me.Oh my beating heart.

I remember putting my head on his shoulder and for a moment, nothing else mattered.

Really sound so cheesy but I will never forget that day.