Dateday, Tasty Burger and Batman vs. Superman

Date day with the husband~ 

The lipstick is Sephora's birthday gift for 2016! The formula is niceeeee 👍🏼 and the shade too! All I did was dab the lipstick on, and it's so pigmented already! Never tried MJ lippies before but I'm considering tho. 

Heavy clouds but it's really beautiful out there. 

Went to Tasty Burger cause I live for their onion rings and mushroom burger. So so good. Highly recommend to anyone in Boston. 

After an entire week of rain and fog, THE SUN IS OUT . So nice to see something else other than gray out the window. Decided to eat outside instead of indoors cause we are all ready to absorb some Vit D.

It's all sun or none with Boston. 

Walked about in Target for abit and I picked up a Red Sox cap, which I am pretty sure the husband will steal it from me. Hahaha Anyw, we headed to watch Batman vs. Superman and....I am afraid to say I don't quite like it. It was too draggy for me and I personally prefer Marvel over DC so I could be highly bias.

I love date-days with the husband. I should make it a point to record them down more!