Date @ the Common

Date-day with the hubs and we headed to the Common! All flowers were in bloom and the I finally feel like we got out of black/white/grey tv to colored ones. 

Look at that clear, clear sky. 

Everyone was out and taking in Vitamin D. Boston winters last way too long. 

It's not even warm πŸ˜‚

It's like, 10Β°C?? People were just trying to take in as much Vitamin D as possible and you see all the Singaporeans complaining of the heat back home. So much difference. 

It was super crowded, being a Saturday but so so lovely to be out.

They plant these gorgeous tulips (i think they are?) every Spring and the pics really don't do the real thing any justice. 

There were a few others & I wished they had a sign that tell us what flowers they were haha

We just sat down at an empty spot to selfie.

What was actually happening irl hahaha

Look at that amount of people behind us!

Is it artistic shot? I kid. Imagine the whole park lined with those brightly-colored flowers. I lovvvvve Spring. 

And then we saw this squirrel grabbed a huge chunk of pizza, ran across the field, up the tallest tree and began feasting on its meal. Imagine eating a slice of bread half your size πŸ˜‚

I ran along the squirrel to see where it was bringing its pizza to


Also had dinner at Chinatown last night! I really love Boston. I mean, I'm sure other states have it too but Boston's buildings always randomly have these murals. And they are hugggggge pieces. All so lovely.

This one is near Berklee! It's amazing. Oh I also have a troll face sprayed onto the side of some cliff opposite of our current apartment hahaha wtf.