7th Year Anniversary

First thing I noticed about her:

Boots and hair. She walked in class with pink & black knee-high sneaker/boots and perfect hair, I recall thinking to myself - I need to know this girl even though I hadn't even seen her face.

Describe her:

Absolutely perfect. Not flawless but goddamn perfect.

Her first words:

To be perfectly honest, I can't remember her exact words that were said to me. What I do remember is her making feel me empty all of a sudden. A realization of my other half.

Your first realization:

I'm going to marry this girl some day.

First thing I noticed about him:

Tall. Big, almost. With a sense of confidence no one can beat. You can tell by just looking at the way he moves. He is confident and he shows it. His smile made me smile. Still does. I like it when he laughs. It's as though I am the only one capable of making him laugh that way.

Describe him:

His height. He towered over me. Not in a terrifying or intimidating manner. In a protective way. As though when I'm in his arms, I'll be safe. 

His first words:

He didn't talk to me. His friend did. He texted me. 'Hello. Keith here.' I remembered. I was climbing up the bus's first step and the text came in. He was sitting there, waiting for me to board the bus and leave. I could feel his eyes on me, even though I wasn't looking.

Your first realization:

Wanting to see him. It just hit me. He is the person I wanted to see, to talk to, to hold.

Today marks our 7th year together

Time always fly by when I'm with you, but the most important thing is, we'll grow old together. There's no one else I'd rather be with, to grow old with, and to love each and every day. Happy 7th anniversary, hubby. To 70 more years of loving each other to the moon & driving each other mad.

My surprise this morning even tho we agreed on no presents. Even came with my own balloon! HAHAHA I have the best husband.