Thank you for loving me.

I couldn't help but read and re-read ni's post on marriage. 

And I love this part.

I am incredibly lucky. Some people go a lifetime without ever meeting their soulmate. Some meet the right person at the wrong time. I met mine when I was 15. Unknowingly at that point in time. 

I never really know how to answer when somebody asks me - How do you know he is 'The One'? 

This is cheesy as heck but I know. He is my best friend, my lover, my entire universe all squeezed in to one human being. I checked all the points mentioned in the post and there's this overwhelming bliss I felt. Not that I've never realized that but reading it somehow struck a cord in me.

When I was sick, he held my hair back and stroked my back, forced me to lie back down whilst he cleaned up after me. When I'm down, he stays by my side till I'm a bundle of joy again. When I'm happy, he is, more often than not, the source of my happiness.

When he proposed, he promised that he will do his utmost best to make me the happiest girl in the whole world and I am. (Almost) everyday, I do feel like the happiest and luckiest girl on this planet. Just keeping it realistic 🙊

Every morning, I stare at his sleeping face before I wake (I'm the early riser) and there's so much love in my heart, I'm almost afraid of it. When he wakes and stares right into mine, I fall in love over again.

Wherever we are, in bed or outside, he holds me tight and gravitates towards me, like a moth to a flame. Even when I stray when we are out, my soul knows to look for him, to stay near him. I hate being physically apart from him and he knows. When I lock hands with him, I'm safe. 

Every night, we snuggle right up to each other, never sleeping separately, which means we end up in the middle of the bed. So much that our bed is 'unbalanced-ly' dented in the middle. 

His chest is my favorite pillow and his heartbeat is my lullaby. I know exactly when he falls asleep because his breathing changes just the slightest. He teases me when I snore slightly sometimes. I love when he holds me tight, our bodies fit exactly like a puzzle and I can feel his warm breath at my nape. 

When we lie in bed and talk about our future, I see him cooking his Gordon Ramsey-perfected scrambled eggs and French toasts on Sunday mornings for the kids. 

I see him hobbling beside me when he is old and grumpy. 

I see him kissing my wrinkled forehead every morning and still telling me how beautiful I look, just like every morning. 

I see myself looking into that handsome face I fell in love with when I was 19yo. He will be forever that cute in my eyes 😍

When we talk about kids, he goes, 'You first, then the kids.' I used to disagree but I've come to realize that's how marriage really should work. He is the one who will stick by me, grow together with me and raise the children with me. He is the one who will love me, till death do us part. 

Sure, I mean, we fight. Ups and downs are always a part of anything and we had our fair share of it. 

What I really admire in the husband is that he never, never sweeps things under the carpet. I admit, I get emotional and I don't like to talk when I'm not calm. I tend to zip up and clam down. He makes it a point to put everything out on the table and never ever go to bed angry. We will fight for 48 hours but we won't give up 😂

Come next month, I would have spent 7 years being in love with this boy, and I can't wait till we are 70. Wrinkly, white-haired and probably grumpy together. But it's okay, because we are with each other and that's all that matters in the end.

Thank you for loving me.

I don’t want a transient love.
No, I’d rather be a cold and withdrawn heap of hate.
I want a utopian love. A love so electric, magnificent, passionate and stimulating that it cannot be ignored or silenced.
A love so dynamic, so euphoric, so alluring, so captivating and addictive that it demands to be felt.
Its power insisting to be recognized, accepted and embraced.
Real love - eternal, incomprehensible, supernatural. Love is the heart, and the heart’s potential.
It’s not logical, rational or within comprehension.
It will not be systematic, methodical, predictable, ordered or analytical.
It will be spontaneous, disorganized, chaotic, and crazy. It will not be understandable, tangible or manageable. But it will set fire to your core and invigorate your being.
It will possess you with words, thoughts and behaviors you thought impossible.
It will send your soul spinning and encourage you to question all previous knowledge and emotions.
Real, ardent and zealous love will let you know it’s intentions.
Love is not supposed to be understood with the mind. It is supposed to be envelop the heart, titillate your senses and send tingles down your spine.
Love is suppose to scare you.
— Sjana

Love is scary. Love is risky. Love is so incredibly powerful. 

Love is a 'blissful dependency when one's love is returned, a painful and sorrowful and often destructive craving when one's love is spurned.' (-Helen Fisher)

I love this boy for the past 7 years and my heart and soul knows that I'm going to be loving him till I don't exist anymore. 💕