15 things to remember in 2015

A good recap for one whole year of excitement!


I entered 2015 with no expectations. It was gonna be a normal year but it turned out to be a year I'll remember for the rest of my life! It has been one helluva year and I loved it. 

This boy is the no. 1 thing I'll always be grateful for. We are entering almost 7 years and we are still crazily in love and working hard at what we have.



Experienced our first blizzard on the 28th January. I am an absolute snow-lover and this is probably one of the best experience in my life!


Got to celebrate my big 2-5 in my favorite place of all time......TARGET! I find a lot of peace in Target, CVS, Walgreens and the likes of them.

Totally not acting my age. I was super depressed that day but the hubs brought me to Target and it was instant cheer-up!


Got to visit Peru with the boy! Never in my life did I think I would get to say that. Plus I yolo-ed and paraglided off a cliff there πŸ˜‚

As much as I loved it there and learning the culture, it also made me more appreciative of Singapore!


Still part of Peru - we got to see an oasis and majestic sand dunes! Pretty sure we also ate ALOT of sand that day πŸ˜‚


Had a lot of fun visiting Rockport and Cape Cod when the boy's family came up to find him for graduation! 

Very different from Boston and really quaint and pretty. I love it there!


Grateful to be able to be there for his big day! So incredibly proud of him for graduating with First class honors!


I saw a mama whale and her baby 🐳🐳

I saw a freaking whale.


Went on a family trip to Taiwan!! It has been forever since the 4 of us went on one.

My parents had their honeymoon there 28 years ago! It was really nice the 4 of us got to spend some time together and the sky lantern was so much fun, we lit 2 πŸ˜‚


Got to celebrate fj 's graduation with everyone there! Missing Paris tho.


I keep this mother's whatsapp text to remind me what I'm good at and it gives me motivation! When I came back, I was jobless and I couldn't commit to anything for long. So freelancing was my best bet and during that time, I managed to teach a few students with dyslexia and helped them. Incredibly proud of this one boy who got into the IB program!


Needless to say, this is the craziest. I never thought I'd enter 2015 getting proposed to, lest of all getting married.


I got married. Wtf. 

I shared my entire ROM journey here on dayre, which was really insightful for me. Can't wait to share my wedding journey when we decide to hold the banquet.


Having our mini-moon in Bali with those awfully shiok massages. The boy and I are suckers for massages πŸ˜‚

Also, grateful that the boy's father (my FIL) gave us biz class tixs there!


Being back in Boston with my husband! I love Boston. Boston is my 2nd home and I am absolutely in love with this place.

I'm also grateful for a lot of other things. I'm grateful that my parents are healthy and happy (I hope). That at least they are alright with having each other for company and not fight till death like they used too. Grateful that my brother is doing well in his internship and enjoying Shanghai more. Also grateful for my 2nd family and how much they accepted me with a lot of love!

I'm so grateful for this beautiful year and I'm sure 2016 would see us embarking on a totally new adventure together!