ROM Pictures!

So excited to be sharing my ROM photos! I've always wanted to do a couple shoot and these turned out more than perfect imo. 

Featuring my beautiful bouquet from Benita and my picture perfect ROM invite or more of a piece to commemorate the day.

I ask for smth messy with lotsa greens and I think the colors matched perfectly with my dress. 

Close-up of our rings that the husband likes to say - made from the same fire HAHAHA idek if its true.

One with our pretty flower Paris who pretty much outshined everyone that day.

The boy who makes my heart sing.

Tons of leg work went into this shot cause he is so tall and had to bend at a weird angle HAHAHA

This also required him to bend at his knees. HAHAHA It's so much funnier thinking of what really went on behind the scenes. He had such a workout that day.

I am really in love with my $200 gown from ForeverNew! 

I now too realize the gold frame was alil too much to deal with. 

This spot right by the ROM is amazing to take pictures with. No regrets!

My SIL as bridesmaid and Flo as MOH!

It's so ridiculous how tall Rach is. I was in HEEEEEEELS!

I love these two to death.

I remember right after my MIL looked at the pictures of them, she went, 'Very nice ah! Like gay couple!'


This shot was tough. Because of the rain, we had to make sure Paris didn't lie on the ground and we also had to make sure she wasn't leaving dirt on my hands that are visible. Hahaha 


Inside the place, I didn't give any directions but oh the pictures captured were beautiful. We held hands throughout the entire thing and everything just feels right.

This was also a stunning shot. 

Giddy with happiness as we sealed the deal with a kiss. 

Married loh!

I am loving my nails from JB!

I wonder how tall our kids will be?

With our parents. I love this shot.

Thankful for everyone's help on that day. JY was our chauffeur and my MOH made sure I didn't need to worry about anything at all throughout the entire thing even tho I practically threw her with my weirdass family just like that. Love you to bits, flo. 

To the two photographers who made the session so easy and quick, and also braving the rain and heat with us to get these done!

It was a magical night. Ended off with a small intimate dinner at Gardens by the Bay coupled with a wonderful news we received that same night. Managed to catch the lights and songs and Little Mermaid came on. I couldn't ask for more. 

Love, Pea

pearlyn neokeith and pea, ROM