Proposal Story

We discussed about the ROM in a very practical manner - asked our parents and then chose a date. I never really expected a proposal. My boyfriend is wonderful but practicality is more of is thing. 

I've also told him multiple times throughout our relationship before. There's no way he can do it in a public place cause I'm really terrified of crowds! So just do in our bedroom also can lah.

If you've read my other posts before, you would know I met him at Bedok Mavis Tutorial Centre 10 years ago. For the past few days, he had been trying to arrange a meetup with our previous tutor at the tuition place cause I really wanted to visit the place together. That place got a lot of good memories and after today, it holds the best one of all.

Let's start with a little background: 

I went home the night before, instead of staying over. 

He had a few errands to run with his family during the day & the only 'plan' I knew we supposedly had was:

  • wait at my home for him to come and pick me up
  • maybe grab lunch
  • go to the tuition centre to say hi
  • take a quick photo
  • head to dinner with his family. 

He doesn't have a phone line in Singapore so I have no way of contacting him. He normally uses one of his family member's phone to contact me. So for the morning, I was just chilling at home & watching Greys.

His 'errands' with his family consisted of them going to look at the restaurant they had placed reservations for the small dinner we are all having after the ROM. So I was expecting my future in-laws and him coming to pick me up the entire morning.

At around 2 in the afternoon, his mom contacted me and told me to tell my boyfriend the dinner reservations were confirmed at 6pm. 

I was a little thrown off and confused because all this while, I thought he was with his parents. If he wasn't with them, then where on earth was he? I couldn't even contact him because he had no phone line. At that point of time, I was more worried than anything. 

Then his mom just followed up & told me that she wasn't with anyone; and that she was shopping alone. I honestly was just confused and brushed it off as a miscommunication. (Actually, because of this, nearly 露出马脚 (reveal the secret plan) but the boy managed to salvage all hahaha)

The boy came up with this really elaborate 'story' when he finally got into contact with me. He said that his dad had to go for a meeting and the timing was too rushed so they dropped his mom off to buy her stuff, and then left the boyfriend to go home by himself. That's why they didn't pick me up and how he couldn't call me till he got home. 

Again, I thought nothing of it and we just agreed to meet at my place, go and shop for abit and then meet FJ to head straight to Mavis tuition centre. It's no surprise that my FJ is coming cause we all were taught by Mr Ng. Nothing to make me question anything. 

When we all arrived at Mavis, my first thought was - Why so quiet today! No class going on. 

Totally forget it was a school holiday!!!!!!! ZOMG HAHAHA Pea-brain. 

We entered the place and saw the admin, Janice jiejie (we all called her that) sitting right at the counter per usual. It was like she was expecting us and told us Mr Ngwas in the usual room on the last. I thought she was acting a little weird but the boyfriend started distracting me by asking me a lot of really weird questions about the library and wtv. We just walked on to the room and again, I didn't think much of it cause the last time we were here, he was also teaching!

I later also found out the boyfriend was actually trying to stall me by asking a lot of nonsense questions while FJ went to 'set up' in the room with her camera. She went with the 'I need to pee' excuse to walk really fast away from us and I totally bought it!

The classroom door was closed so I naturally thought there was a class going on! I hesitated and my boys said, 'Just go in.'

When I opened the door, I got this huge shock. All I saw were flower petals on the floor. My heart just sped up 1028383892x faster! 

There was this path of petals and he told me to look at the board. I started to realize what was happening. 

 A Math 101   Step 1:Meeting you here was Fate   Step 2:Getting to know you was a Choice   Step 3: Falling in love with you I had No Choice! 

 A Math 101

Step 1:Meeting you here was Fate

Step 2:Getting to know you was a Choice

Step 3: Falling in love with you I had No Choice! 

What was on the board. 

When I was reading it, I think the whole world just stopped spinning for a second. I had to read it twice for all of it to sink in.

His plan was for me to read the board which will buy him enough time to take the ring box out and when I turned, he would already be on his knees.

The funny part that was caught on camera but not shown was when he opened the ring box, the ring fell out and he had to scramble to find it HAHAHA

I was already tearing when I read the board. When I saw that he got down on one knee, I couldn't stop BAWLING.

Told him afterwards that I actually didn't hear anything he said cause I was so busy crying and crying and wiping my tears away. 

I got him to send me the proposal speech cause I would like to remember it for life:

Baby, it was here when I first saw you. Here is where we first met and I honestly had no idea you would be my world. 

Before I fell in love with you, I always thought I knew what love was. It was only when I met you I found that 

You are love to me, and it is more than just a word.

I'm here today because I need you. I'm the best me when I'm with you. Because when you're gone, nothing feels right until you return.

I love you for all that you are

All that you have been and 

And all you are yet to be 

Just like when we first got together, I said I will always love you no matter what, take care of you and try my best to make you as happy as you make me. The difference today is I would like to do it for the rest of eternity if you let me. 

So Pearlyn Neo Jia Ling. will you marry me? 


The whole time, I think I was grinning and crying at the same time. When he popped the question - of course I said yes! Hahaha

He actuallysaid before that he was gonna proposed after the ROM so I can't say no. Damn annoying right. 

He also had the question written on the board with Yes/No checkboxes and told me I had to tick the box 😂😂😂 So I proceeded to tick the Yes box hahaha

Our seats back in the day! Haha I'm the nerd who sits all the way infront and he's the naughty boy at the back.

Engaged liao!