Christmas Joy/Black Friday + Cyber Monday HAUL!



This weekend has been....very fulfilling & exhausting all at once. Attended Kosecosmoport event on Friday, courtesy of my SIL, and I have a HUGE bag of goodies to try, including tons of sheet masks and I love drugstore masks so I’m excited to try and review all of them. 

Let me know which one you are most interested. I think I am most intrigued by the packet masks, apparently suitable for even day use! 

Speaking of #dayrebeauty stuff, I will try to get around to Battle of Sunscreens III (hopefully) before the year ends. I also wanna do a 2017 recap and round up my faves in skincare and makeup! 

Saturday was spent spring-cleaning. I reckon we have the cleanest room in the house now. Took down the curtains to wash, vacuum all the corners including the bed frame and wiped down everything with my fave cleaning combi of Dettol and water! I can’t believe wedding is in 35 days. THIRTY FIVE DAYS. I feel like I should be panicking right about now. 

Sunday was wedding-errands day. I’m a lucky girl but really, how many gold bangles/chains/pendants is one expected to wear on the wedding day? All my aunties & grandma are out buying me gold stuff but my heart is aching at the thought of all these hard-earned money just sitting in the safe deposit after the wedding. Still, my motto for the wedding is still to let the older generations do wtv they want. I’m not questioning any superstitious tales or wtv they throw at me. I just agree. 

Everyone’s happy, I am happy. 

Btw, I am so bochup that I confidently arrange for my new class to start on 6th and the husband went, ‘6th??? The day before?’ And it hit me that I have a wedding to attend on the 7th. Mine to be exact hahahahahaha. Fml. Aiya, one hour only. I won’t be missed. 

Used the entire Monday to do regular chores (I realize I always have laundry to do. Why is that so? How do two people generate so much clothes over a weekend?) and lesson-planning. 

Anyw, I’m not here to ramble. I actually have some EXCITING things to share. Since I just spring-clean, let’s do home stuff first and I have a early-Christmas giveaway so stay tuned!


I’ve been adding and changing up some room stuff so it’s more...cosy. I spend a lot of time in the room and I look forward to just retreating in it all the time with a mask, my Spotify playlist and my candles. 

Also recently went on a crystal-spree and bought some really beautiful ones. Gotta cleanse them properly first and I hope I have space for all of them.


I had to get an adaptor and a new bulb after the original one short circuited the apartment and blew itself, so I didn’t managed to get a picture before.

This is really one of my best buy from Turkey. The lamp gives off such a beautiful vibe when turned on and I can just stare at it all night. It’s really such a good buy and I’m glad I lugged it back.


Can u spot what’s different?? Lol I’m not gonna make you guess lah. I finally got around to spray-painting the earring-stand to white. I was okay with keeping it turquoise initially but it started to get kinda messy with all my colored earrings so I decided to just spray it down. 

Albeit being a little troublesome, these stands from Ikea have just been one of my best 2017 buys. I don’t have to dig thru ziplocks of earrings and everything is on display so neatly.



It’s a tight fit but it fits. That’s the most important point 😛 I have a secret ability. I can pack and store away an almost infinite number of things in a very confined area. You should see the amount of stuff I can whip out in a mini purse. It’s magical and sometimes, I even amaze myself HAHAHA wtf


Table situation. I’ve been drying out bouquets the hubs got me from this year (the one from our anniversary in the US actually made it back fully intact in the luggage lol whut) cause I really can’t bear to throw them out. 

Spot my brand new BEAUTIFUL 2018 calendar gifted by Pine on Paper! It even came with its own customized engraved stand and they offered a generous giveaway. 

It’s really a great Christmas gift, for yourself or loved ones and it’s practical plus it looks 😍 too?


We will be choosing 3 winners to gift this as an early Christmas presents and I’m so excited lol. I couldn’t wait to share this so yes, early Christmas giveaway it is haha 

 To participate: 

1. Follow us on IG (@/beautypeadia & @/pineonpaper) 
2. Comment below with your IG username after you’re done AND
3. Comment with the quote you want to have engraved on the stand and tell us why! 

(Pls don’t be rude and follow/unfollow. I will blacklist. Will close this on ⛔️ 6th Dec 2017 1159PM ⛔️)


I chose the quote ‘See the good’ for a reason. 

This year has been about major changes and I’d like to think I’ve changed a lot as a person. I want to continue changing for the better and seeing the good in every little thing cause I truly believe positivity breeds positivity. I’ve always been a cynical person so this quote is a good daily reminder that not everything is bad and negative in life. So tell me the reason for your quote and I can’t wait to read all of yours! 

For #dayrebrides, u can also choose to engrave couples’ names and display at wedding! Yes, I’m gonna be displaying mine at my reception table. It fits my entire theme to a T!  

I really love working with genuine sweet people and this year has been about that. I’ve had the craziest biggest opportunities to work with many generous and kind brand/people and I really can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. Hope to read some of ur entries in the morning! 👍🏼🌙 

Reading all the current entries with my morning cuppa ☕️ Btw I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get osteoporosis at age 30 or smth. I’m going thru 4 cups nowadays and I get freaking cravings in the middle of the night. I need to stop this nonsense yaz?


Once a week, I gotta take an hour-long ride to teach so I get some reading time on the bus. Feels like forever since I read and it’s nice. Plus 518 is mostly empty on a weekday afternoon so it’s just cold and quiet the whole ride. 

Jodi Picoult’s Sing You Home made me want to cry and scream in rage all at once. Dealing with cock people is very frustrating. I need more new reads; specifically something to do with murders or deaths.


Also feeling very pampered when the husband picks me up from teaching to bring me for dinner date and then comes with a cute bouquet of flower just cause. 😍 He is the best, really. What did I ever do in my past life to deserve him?? 

Spot my newwwww basket? Heh heh heh. It’s part of my BF/CM haul. Let’s start with physical stores heh 


When I first discovered Temt (blaming my SIL), I was awe. Everything was so cheap and when they are tryna get rid of stuff, basic items can go for like, $4.95?? I realized soon that their quality quite shitty and sometimes, the fit is kinda weird. They didn’t used to bring in XS or size (only recently I think??) so I’m quite happy now that they are doing it for more ranges. 

If you sieve through their stuff well, u can normally get quite okay-ish stuff for a pretty decent price.


Visited the new expanded one at 313. Actually, I just happened to walk by and went in lah lol. I got this pair of wide-legged boho-ish pants for like, 11.95 cause it was slashed down to 1/2 price! Plus last XS! 

Also saw this pair of navy earrings. Sooo cute lah I am loving all my tassels babies. 

 Cotton On


Got myself an over-sized denim jacket cause every girl needs one. Have been looking for one in the right blue with the right fit and the right amount of wear and tear. Easier said than done. 

Also, I’ve not been able to fit into any of my old high-waisted shorts so I’m really glad this one I got fit SO WELL. Like no waist-hips ratio issue. Plus the cut off was also perfect.


Sorry I just ate so my muffin top no give chance yah. Took this at the seamstress place cause I saw her full length mirror hahaha


Got this cute romper that had tiny hearts on it from the clearance section. I think this was $10. I can’t recall cause I bought other shit along with this. I really like this piece and the pretty ruffle trim buuuut the top fits alil weird. I might just have it altered so it fits better. Still, it’s quite cute leh.



 The Closet Lover 

Yknow what I just realized? I have 4 TCL jumpsuits in my wardrobe and that’s all the jumpsuits I own. HAHAHAH

I freaking love the cutting of TCL jumpsuits and their XS is one of the better-fitting XS compared to a lot of online shops. And no, just so I’m clear, none of my items from this haul are sponsored okay. Freaking spend money like nobody’s business yah.



Can u spot my PMS-bloating bump 😒 

You can’t see it but there are slits up the side of the pants and it’s very pretty when I walk. The material makes it v floaty haha

I got so many compliments on it! The color is also extra fab. I’ve always had a soft spot for forest/dark green/emerald shades. When I saw Bertilla in the mauve shade, it alr captured my heart. When I saw they had green on the website, I died and then just paid LOL fml


This shade of green makes me look extra fair. Luv it. Oooh why didn’t I think of wearing green for my evening gown! Hahahahaha 

 The Tinsel Rack 

I didn’t get these on sale but it arrived around the same time lah so let me just haul it lol


I love the look and texture of the the navy blue romper in this version so much, I decided to get the maxi too haha but I got it in blush cause the husband said I really didn’t need another white lace dress.


The husband gave his immediate approval for this and his reasoning was, ‘You definitely don’t own anything like this.’ Lol what. 

He is not able to tell apart my clothes anymore cause they ‘all look the same’!!! 

So I treated myself and got this cute number. The high-low hem caught my eye first. I am a sucker for high-low hem for some reason.


And the cute details on the back made up my mind. Sorry for ratty old bra HAHAHAHAH I was wearing a white tee that day and these shade of bra is da best for those. 



I think UNDA (IG @/storeunda) is the brainchild of Valerie Wang. Not 100% sure on that haha

Anyw, the clothes are gorgeous imo and I like the slightly retro-feel to it. I’m eyeing a few more pieces but the first one I got is this...


This pretty white midi. You can’t see it clearly and I don’t have a pic of me in it yet so here’s one with the model haha


The olive is soooo nice too but I decided white. See, this is why my husband don’t let me get anymore white dresses hahaha

I got it in XS but it’s tight around my boobs area so I gotta wear a stick-on instead of a regular strapless bra. Also, the zip was spoilt when it came to me so I was alil sad that their QC need some work. It worked after some finagling but I really would think that a dress that cost above average would be of better quality. 



I couldn’t smuggle this past the husband cause he works from home LOL. I just ran to the room with it as quick as I can HAHAHAHAH


The sales on Zalora has been very bad for my wallet. I chanced upon this tiered dress and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Since CM had 18%, I decided to take the plunge. Would be nice for a dinner date! 

Another new pair of mules, and in gold this time.


Seeeee. It’s so pretty. Not very cake-like cause the material is very light and fluttery hahaha


And I hope my husband don’t see this post LOLOL. 

I really made full use of the near 20% discount. Another straw bag and won’t this be such a perfect basket for a beach holiday. I’m dreaming of one. A cute lil nude tassel clutch even tho I don’t have a reason to use it yet.

A bunch of mules with tassels, ropes and apparently pearls. Mad love for those. I was considering so long. And a pair of white pumps cause I finally threw out my ratchet old one that had broken-but-stapled-back straps LOL. 

I keep going, ‘Christmas??? New Year??? CNY???’ I NEED NEW CLOTHES. 

Even tho my bursting wardrobe is vehemently disagreeing.