I have really hazel eyes under the sunlight. I am a full-hermit crab introvert and talking to strangers scare the bejezzus out of me. My horoscope is Aquarius and I still read mine from time to time. I’ve always wanted to be a housewife and mother (mostly). I say ‘mostly’ because I’ve always had this immense fascination with murderers and death so part of me wanted to be a profiler or forensic pathologist. This is why I majored in psychology. 

But chemistry is my weakest subject so I never got far with that. I love biology and I can draw a anatomically-correct human heart from memory. I have spatial-orientation issues and I don’t intend to get my car license ever. I nearly drove a golf cart into the river once cause my brain froze and I couldn’t recall which side is the brakes located HAHA My husband ‘jam-break’ for me instead, saving us a huge accident. 

I can’t get through a movie if it has no colors aka all sepia-ish (like those filmed in the desert) or gray-ish scenes. Horror movies are my weakness and I still think Shutter is one of the greatest ghost show made. My favourite Disney princess is Ariel but I am not a sun/sea/sand person. I think I just like the idea of her and having the ability to swim really well hahaha 

Diving and ocean-stuff creeps me out and I think it’s becuause I can’t ‘run away’ if anything scary approaches. I have trypophobia and I can’t eat lotus root without getting goosebumps. The ceiling in Ion FREAKS ME OUT and I never look up when I’m there. 

My hobby in Primary school was collecting tissue packets - from cute mini ones from overseas to those that were sold in NTUC. I got bored with it after a few years and started using them hahahah

I need coffee to ‘wake up’ every morning even tho it has no more effects for me. I can drink it at 11pm and still be able to sleep the next minute. Food is not my thing and I really don’t like eating. I find it a huge chore but doing actual housework calms me down. However, I am able to eat Macdonalds for all 3 meals every day. 

Washing my hair instantly puts me in a good mood and so does putting on fresh sheets for the bed. I am a sleeper and I can sleep for 16 hours straight. 

I’m a legit tech-idiot while my husband works in the tech business. Give me a pen and paper anytime please. Hoarding notebooks and never writing in the pretty ones seemed to be something I can’t stop doing. Pugs are my favourite dogs because I think they have a really stupid face and it makes me laugh. My pain tolerance is really high which explains why I’m so accident-prone. U don’t learn if it doesn’t hurt LOL. 

I still can’t tell my left from my right but I have a callus on my right hand from writing so I use that to help me. It takes me ~5 seconds to answer cause I have to locate and feel for it first. Space, numbers and measurements befuddle me but I can name you 5 different shades of white. If there’s an era I can choose to be born in, it would be the 1920s with all the swing dress, sequins and feathers. 

I can read the same book over and over again without getting sick of it. I think my record number for one book was 15 repeated readings. I would hide my storybook in textbook just so I can read. When I was a kid, I would write my words in an opposite manner and hold it up to the mirror to read it. 

Tell me, tell me something about yourself.

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