Wedding Updates~


Some #dayrebrides update! I finally got around to getting this done and I’m soooooo excited to see it printed out irl. I got it printed slightly larger than A1, if I rmbr correctly. 

Now I gotta see if the hotel has an A-stand for me to borrow?? 

This was done by the wonderful Pearlynkmin from Pearlyn and Paper and I can’t wait to put it up for everyone to see

Can’t believe the wedding is drawing so close! All my dresses are finally at the seamstress getting their much-needed alterations. 

We are gonna be printing a photo/guestbook and i took on (IG) heyhappypuff‘s recommendation for MixBook and I JUST ORDERED MINE!!!! It looks beautiful online and I’m receiving it in a week or so and omg so excited!!


Had our food-tasting at GWP just last week! Very very pleased with most of the items and my fave is the dessert. It’s AMAZEBALLS. My sweet-tooth is pleased 😀 

I’m also super sure my grandfather will be happy with the food. Most of the people are gonna be old relatives so this will be right up their alley??



A ton of the invites are on their way out alr and I’ve been painstakingly writing everyone’s names on and idw to write anymore HAHAHA #giveup

Idk who most of the invites are going out to tbh, but I hope it’s well-loved. A lot of work sia! Ask flo LOL I think she did more work than me HAHAHAH being my MOH is like, damn jialat pls cause I’m totally bochup. 

I’ll do a HUGE wedding review/summary for everything - invites, MUA, photobooth, etc. at the end of everything just to make it clearer okay. I’m still tryna wrap my head around that it’s happening in 3 months leh wtf.


I’m prepping the bridesmaid’s kit but really out of luck with finding a box ☹️ Artfriend didn’t have what I needed and I really dk where I can find 4 regular boxes leh? 

I’ll do a post on the kit when I finish buying everything I need! Still considering certain items and stuff I wanna include. 3/4 of my BMs are dayre-users so I’m gonna keep this vague first until they receive the box so they won’t be not-surprised on that day k LOL if not, not fun leh. 

✅ MUA + date booked for MU trial
✅ Florist
✅ Photobooth
✅ Wedding gown
✅ Evening gown
✅ Tea ceremony gown
✅ Veil
✅ Shoes
✅ Photo/Guest book
✅ Food-tasting
✅ Invites
🅾️ BM’s kits

I think I’ve pretty much settled most of everything?? Just have one more meeting with the hotel co-ordinator to confirm the menu, theme and favors and we should be all set, I hope.

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