The Tinsel Rack: Pea's take #2


As for this week’s pick for #TTR ’s last launch, I went with this dusty grey/blue embroidery off-shoulder top. 

I paired it with this pair of A&F pants I got from Boston for $11!! Hahaha they were on 70% off and it was the last XS. Lucky me lol


#ootd! Sad to say, my white pumps gave up on me that very same day so I had to throw them out. Time to go hunt for another pair of white shoes 🌚

The pants were so perfectly matched that my SIL thought it was one matching set!



Close-up on the embroidery. It’s not those fake embroidery leh. It’s legit stitches and the texture is damn pretty. 

I went with basic giant hoops just so they don’t steal attention away from the details but still not leave my neck/shoulder area too bare. 

Of course, my basket bag to complete the look.



This was the full outfit shown on the model but I don’t think I can do mini denim skirts anymore. I used to wear them ALL THE TIME when I was 15?? LOLOL not sure if it brings me back good memories HAHAHAH

Still, pretty cute look! I must go and dig out my denim pencil skirt cause I’m pretty sure that would be a nice look too.


I went with a slight mauvey- dusty pink look to match the muted blue/grey of the outfit and I’m damn in love with this blush color 😍

Primer: P:rem Sun Fluid
Foundation: Clearlast Face Powder (Green)
Concealer: Bourjois Radiance Reveal (Ivory)
Contour: CP Sculpting Stix (Dove)
Highlight: VelyVely 3D Highlighter + Thebalm Maryloumanizer
Blush: NYX Whipped Fouetté Lip/Cheek (Plush)

Brows: NYX Microbrow Pencil
Liner: Mamonde Super Longwear Auto Pencil Slim Liner
Shadow: TooFaced Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Lipstick: Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet (7)


I got inspired by Pony’s last video on mauve makeup where she used this super pretty watercolor blush but omg, it’s damn ex?? Like $40 on Qoo10. Nope. LOL. 

I went thru my stash and found this beautiful shade I’ve never even freaking used before. I don’t even rmbr buying it fml. It’s this realllllly beautiful mauve shade and very buildable too. But as u can see, the pigment is rather wow so a little goes a long way. 

The texture also makes it very skin-like! 我很喜欢 hehe I need to go see the other colors. Don’t even know if SG carries this range sia.


Look at the blush shade 😍😍😍 and the best thing is it lasts too! 

Ok, I’m digressing. I actually didn’t use any shadows in the day but we had dinner at night so I went for a dark teal/blue smokey to match the dusty blue/grey colors in the outfit.


The picture don’t do this any justice lah. 

The teal reflex is really damn pretty irl. I really couldn’t capture the color difference. It just looked really dark here lol. It’s more of a gradient irl leh. Dang it. 

I changed my lips out to a nude just so it isn’t too clashing.


I used Toofaced palette - Pebbles all over lids and then London on outer corner v. Then Tarte’s pro palette teal holo shade in Trendy all over where I placed Pebbles down. 

Super dark and smokey. Very different from what I usually do lol but I really liked it for an evening going-out look!