Lash Up - Brightening Facial + the best massage ever.


Lash Up has recently shifted one floor up to a bigger space and I was so excited to visit them cause they offer facials now!

If you know me, I hate regular facials. I do not enjoy them and I think it’s a waste of time cause I feel like I know my skin better than anyone, I don’t enjoy extraction done by others and I don’t like having to buy their products.

But Sammie promised me it’s a good experience so I was excited to chill out for abit.


So these are what they offer.


Trial price is $138 (R.P $188)

The only package they offer (so don’t need to scared anyone hardsell you), is if u enjoy the trial session, u can sign a package of 5 (can even pick and choose when u are there excluding the Guasha one) and get 5 free express facials. Great for lunch hour pampering.

Ok, now for results. Cause y’all know I give u the truth.


I took the before right after Allison (the therapist with magic hands) cleansed my face and didn’t think much. Then I took the After and I got a shock. Cause how am I so white LOL lighting didn’t change since I was lying there the whole time?

Secondly, magic hands. She has MAGIC HANDS. I’ve never had a facial that felt like this. She was giving me these mini massages 💆🏻 from the moment I laid down. Her cleansing felt so amazing, I never want it to end.


I did 2 diff treatments - the ultrasonic one and oxygen jet therapy.

All treatment comes with the ultrasonic treatment. The oxygen jet therapy is an optional, separate treatment at an additional $50. If you sign the package, they will give u 1 session of oxygen therapy FOC!


A direct comparison! Lashes are different cause Sammie helped me to straighten my remaining curls from my last lift/tint session.

1. Evened skin tone
2. Look at that freaking glow
3. The lift from the massage OMG

There was also minimal extraction since my skin was behaving and there wasn’t a need. But guys, the face massage is the best, BEST one I’ve ever had.


The other side!

Look at how much brighter my lids are and how much lift there is to my face.

I did the Brightening Treatment this round and tbh I really wanna try all cause I just wanna lie there and have Allison massage me and give me smol face. I think this is by far the best facial I have ever been through. It was so ultimate relaxing. Give the trial a try. I promise you WILL NOT regret it!