Ceramique - Super Hair Removal (SHR) review!


Reviewing rocedure at Ceramique that I was invited to try out!

I’m so impressed with this. IMPRESSED. So a few months back, I asked if anyone know what SHR stands for and some of you know but almost 95% of those who replied my poll didn’t. I think Brenda came up with some Hypertension Rat or smth when she googled??? I died lolol 

I didn’t know what SHR stands for too when I first heard it. Apparently it’s a new term for hair removal called Super Hair Removal. 

If you hate IPL like me, u will love this.

I went for IPL WITH Datsumo Labo when XX first talked about it and I hated it. It’s damn painful and I have a very high tolerance of pain ok. Plus it didn’t really work v well on me; and probably cause I didn’t do enough sessions. The waiting period of one month between each session is damn long lah pls? 12 sessions means one whole year leh. 

IPL is considered the first generation of hair removal and it stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It works by sending out scattered wavelength of light into the skin, targeting pigments. The pigment in the hair will absorb the light, which turns into heat and thereby killing the cells needed to regenerate hair. 

Then theres DPL - Dynamic Pulsed Light, which is gen 2. It targets black pigment within the hair, thereby destroying hair follicle, aiming to remove hair permanently.

SHR is 3rd gen! It’s actually a new method which uses a combination of IPL and laser. It uses a lower energy level and more pulses and 50% energy targeted within hair follicle and 50% targeted towards cells for hair regrowth. 

Ok, terminologies aside, this actually works. It works and in a REALLY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. I choose to do a really stubborn area of mine that IPL failed miserably and that’s my bikini line area. 

I did the same amount of IPL sessions on my legs, bikini line and underarms. The one that really really did not have ANY results after all the painful sessions was my bikini line so I thought that was a perfect place to try. And since I am not gonna show pics of there. I told them to use part of my arm as a control cause I didn’t do IPL on my arms. 

My very first trial of IPL was done on my arms and within 2 weeks, arm hairs were back to normal. So I thought it was a good gauge!


This is a Before and After 3 WEEKS LATER. Yes, I’m very hairy lol.

I was so stunned cause even after 3 weeks, there was barely anything growing back?!???

So I told the therapist to leave my arm alone for session 2 and just do my bikini line area.


When I went back for my third session 4 weeks later, this is the current regrowth of my arm hair lol?? 

First session: 28 Mar
Second session: 18 Apr
Third session: 16 May

I did not shave in between any of these session and I’m so damn amazed. And because my deal with the brand is only on one area, I’m so damn happy I’m gonna sign a package to do my underarms as well! 

A few differences between IPL and SHR, aside from pain, were definitely the time in between and ugly regrowth lol

For SHR, I could go back within 2-3 weeks for my next session but for IPL, I remember it was strictly 4-6 weeks. Also, U need about 1cm of hair for IPL to work and there isn’t that need for SHR. No need for ugly regrowth before the session ok. 

I started with them in end March and I’m alr on my third session! SO FAST??? I love efficiency and hate waiting around plz.

IPL on bikini area is a bitch. I purposely picked that area cause 1. It’s about as sensitive as it gets. 2. IPL failed miserably for me there. 

And after 3 sessions, (I’m sorry y’all just gotta take my word for it yah and I ain’t got no reason to bluff u lah wtf lol), my hair regrowth is just...dead. HAHAHAHAHAHA it’s barely growing back at all. And I SWEAR, there’s no pain. There’s a slight amount of heat and NO PAIN. NO PAIN OK. 

Their pricing goes by small, medium, large areas and it’s best to go down to talk to the therapist who can advice u on the number of sessions u need and if you’re suitable for it!