Post-Fractional CO2 Laser Care

you would know that I did it a few months ago and I instastoried my experience for that week. It’s still on my Highlights but it’s gory and pls don’t look if u don’t like blood lol. 

My skin is manageable nowadays but the one thing I can’t get rid on my own are my pitted/ice pick scars. They have faded to skin color but it’s obvious my skin is not smooth and nice so I was really v v v excited to go on this journey. My scars are most noticeable bare-faced and when I’m flushed (which is 80% of the time lol) 

Dr Rachel Ho (La Clinic) chose Frac Co2 over Pico for me, even tho Pico has a shorter downtime, is that Frac CO2 is more efficient and thus, require lesser sessions. Since go thru the pain and downtime, might as well go for the stronger one. 

I’m not gonna go thru the entire science behind it first, cause I wanna save it for the actual Before/After post. 

My post won’t cover much before/after for today because I feel like I would need another 2-3 sessions to fully see results but I wanna talk about post-laser care. I had some of y’all DMed me to ask about it and letting me know that your post-recovery was longer (up to 2 weeks) compared to mine so I thought I’d share some tips I used to reduce scabbing and itchiness, prevent dryness and encourage healing.

Fractional CO2 laser causes the resurfacing of the skin and this stimulate collagen growth in depressed acne scars, allowing them to ‘fill up’, giving you a smoother skin appearance. Since it’s resurfacing, the result is still considered a (controlled) skin injury and therefore, the downtime. 

 ⛔️ Gory images below ⛔️ 

P/S: if you’re interested to see how I look IMMEDIATELY after the session, pls head to Instagram Stories Highlights (@/beautypeadia) under Frac CO2 and you can view all my stories there. I’ll be talking about the after-care so it’s gonna start from the day AFTER I did the laser! 

 DAY 1 / DAY 2 

I was given anti-bacterial cream and was told to JUST use that and a moisturizer if needed. As u tell from the whitish bumps, I applied a lot of the cream. Tbh, I felt like that was a necessary step as the skin was all inflamed and scabbing so you really need to make sure it’s clean. 

I basically closed all the blinds in my house and stayed in darkness cause its sensitive and idw to apply sunscreen on the first day with all the ‘wounds’


Day 1 after laser vs Day 2. 

On day 1, it was still pretty tingly (and rough) to the touch and my skin was SO DRY. Like wah the dryness was what I couldn’t tolerate, compared to the pain. Pain was nth, in my opinion.

I applied the cream as instructed, day and night and used a gentle facial wash (I used the HuangJiSoo Cleanser in brown) and aside from the sensitivity from the laser, it was bearable.


This is the other side - day 1 vs day 2. 

As u can see, really v hard to go out of the house even if you have a mask on, so my advise is to make sure u allocate downtime when u really DONT NEED to leave. I ordered in all my food, and in the process, scare 3 deliverymen cause I was scabby, and swollen. At some point, I decided to just leave a message and ask them to leave my food on the shoe rack and ring the bell. Lol. 

 Day 2 

I couldn’t stand the dryness which was leading to itchiness for Day 2 so I started doing my own research online. I read what others used and googled ingredients of three different products I own that I know are okay for sensitive skin.


So I pretty much have products for my skin in any conditions and when it’s sensitive (red, over-exfoliated, breaking out from sensitivity), I skip acids and stick to a simple routine with Cica as a main ingredient. 

Cica, or otherwise known as centella asiatica, known in Asia as what tigers rub on their wounds to help their skin regenerate.

In a 2012 study, researchers found that centella asiatica extract aids the healing of incisions and burns. It’s full of amino acids, beta-carotene, fatty acids, and phytochemicals, including vitamins C, A, B1, and B2 and these can help stimulate collagen production. 

Cica can boost circulation and blood flow to the skin, decrease moisture loss, and aid in cellular repair which allows the skin to be more hydrated and less inflamed. 

On day 2, I was taking things into my own hands because I was confident enough in reading ingredients and gauging my own skin. ⛔️ PLS CONSULT YOUR ASTHETICIAN IF YOU’RE NOT. IM NOT A DOCTOR.⛔️

I was less swollen, less scabby but really dry. Upon cleansing after I wake up, I applied a thin layer of anti-bacterial cream and let it sit for awhile. Then I tried the Klairs one on my forehead, A’Pieu on one cheek and Innisfree on the other. 

As expected, because my skin was considerably ‘inflamed’, only the Innisfree Bija Cica INTENSE balm worked (I’ll talk about how it did in a second). 

Side note: I usually cannot use the intense balm on its own because it’s DAMN GAO. Like super thick. I do enjoy the regular balm and the spot essence especially for those breakouts due to dirty air or over-exfoliating. 

So on day 2, I stayed home and applied the Cica balm by the hour. Yeap, every 1-2 hours, I was smearing the balm on; especially when I feel it’s starting to itch and I really was trying not to scratch it. 

Being in an air-conditioned room helped ALOT cause it was cooling compared to the regular heat outside. 

 DAY 2 / DAY 3 


Day 1 vs Day 3 

As u can see, my spamming of moisturizer helped SO MUCH. My dryness was gone, which meant scabbing and itching was barely there. Now I just looked kinda sunburnt haha 

Pain was almost 99% gone and I could wash my face and all per normal. 

By day 3, I actually stopped the antibacterial cream, started using toner (HG MAMONDE ROSE WATER) to rehydrate and then finishing with moisturizer.


And because I had to head out, I did follow up with sunscreen (plenty and plenty of it) and I didn’t wanna use makeup, so I picked the Dr Jart Cicapair Re-cover and I really looked ok! Unless you look up close, u can barely see the laser marks anymore. 

Following the third day, because it was healing pretty well, I only used the Innisfree Cica Bija Intense Balm at night and switched to the regular balm in the day, so it wasn’t so thick. 

I really swear by anything Cica and this really tided me thru the entire thing. I was expecting a hell lot more scabbing and itching but I only had to take about 2 days of it! Not too bad, I feel. Now that I know, I will be using this immediately after for my next session!