PIH, hormonal acne and pit scarring - my visit with La Clinic

As most of you all know, I started this space sharing makeup before shifting a lot of my focus onto skincare. Beautypeadia.com was born from here cause it irks me to no end how I cannot link stuff properly here. Over there, my site is mainly categorized into skincare and makeup. I do a lot of skincare products’ reviews, masks’ reviews and the ones that are still most frequently visited are my guides - product layering techniques, acids, sunscreens and so on. 

Once upon a long time ago, I talked about my skin journey and the reason why I am so obsessed with skincare. I was plagued with bad skin that ruined my self-esteem. Most of you have heard of this before and I have linked that post on my site. It’s titled under My Skin Journey and u guys can go read it from there if you’re interested! I shared some history and showed some pics of my skin back then and why I do what I do here. 

It was a period of sadness and going on product-binges without comprehending them and how to use them to maximize full benefits. It’s also why I always reiterate importance of layering and understand what a product is for; esp. if it’s skincare. Makeup’s pretty foolproof lah.

I have better skin now because I learnt to take care of it but I have still battle with pores, pit scarring, pigmentation and hormonal acne. On most days tho, I’m still grateful for having okay-ish skin. 

When Dr Rachel Ho, of La Clinic approached me, I was more than delighted to try out services I have been wanting to try to further target my problems. 

I have completed 3x of the popular Q-switch laser coupled with glycolic chemical peel so I wanted to share my thoughts, experience and results for those of you interested in this procedure but afraid cause ‘laser’ honestly sounds quite terrifying. I only think of laser when it comes to tattoo removal yah lol. 

She actually has a very educational site and her IG is @/drrachelho. She is a mother okay. You will NEVER be able to tell. I look like her older sister, next to her lol. Her skin is amazingly flawless. I couldn’t stop staring like a Creep (yes, with a capital C) during my first visit.

I am not gonna show u pictures of me sitting in the clinic or her giving me a skin analysis. When it comes to these reviews. I only believe and talk about it if there’s results so let’s just get straight into it. 


I am an avid user of acids and my skin is pretty used to it so I pretty much know what i was getting into when Dr Rachel suggested a 35% Glycolic acid peel with the laser treatment. 

Glycolic acid is a form of AHA and it exfoliates the surface of skin and promotes cell turnover. It also aids in retaining moisture and rejuvenate aging skin. Our usual over-the-counter products don’t go up to 35% concentration cause this amount must be handled by professionals. U don’t want to accidentally hurt your skin as well lah. Most OTC products don’t usually go beyond 6% so as to make it safe for regular use for majority as well.

There is very low risk of burns but this also means results are slower and not as significant as some would prefer.

A clinical peel by a doctor uses higher conc cause doctors are trained professionals and this allows more obvious results even after just one use, and still makes it safe. 

To get the most accurate results, I stopped using acids (CNP, Uriage, etc.) on my cheeks and forehead the entire 3 months I was undergoing the treatment. I didn’t want to over-exfoliate as well and cause a bad reaction. 

My nose and chin are pretty ’tough’ so I simply continued my usual BHA to prevent blackheads.


The Q-switch laser is normally combined with chemical peels for best result! It can help to lighten pigmentation (I had pretty obvious PIH and u can see the pics below in a sec!) and think sun spots, freckles, melasma etc. It also can lighten scarring caused my zits and blemishes. I am not referring to pitted scarring cause that’s a different type of laser! It helps to reduce sebum and balances out your skin, prevent acne, brighten and smooth skin. It can also stimulate collagen production!

Theres also NO downtime! I do it before my class and go teach straight after. I do flush VERY easily and the chemical peel gives me a slight tinge of pink but goes away within the hour. The laser, on the other hand, gives me the brightest skin OF LIFE. It’s so glowy and nice omg. 

All in all, it sounds pretty damn amazing.


Of course I kept track of my progress to be able to write this review. I was personally v shock to see the results. Because I see my skin everyday, I can’t see the major improvements but keeping a log helps and the final one sold me 100%.

I don’t even think I really need to explain anything cause the picture is legit 100000 words hahaha 

 Let me go into more details and my experience... 

After the first session, I actually purged more than I expected to. I just treated it with some tea tree oil like how I would to when I usually get zits and they disappear within a week. For my second session, I continued purging but it was even lesser and cleared up even faster - around 3-4 days? And my last session had the least amount of purge and it cleared up within 2 days. 

I noticed a lot of small clogged bumps disappearing (which explains the smoothness) and there’s a clarity that products alone cannot achieve. My pores were less conspicuous and my face had more of a bounce to it. Not only that, my nose and chin had significantly lesser recurrence of blackheads (even tho I DID keep up my use of BHA throughout this two areas). 

My skin has become INCREDIBLY SMOOTH. Like, babyass smooth and so clear. There’s this brightness and even-ness to it so I use lesser foundation. I LOVE IT.


Before: the night before I started on my first session of Glycolic Peel + Q-switch laser 

After: 3 days after my third session of Glycolic Peel + Q-switch laser. 

The results speak for itself lah??? I took the usual care with my skin and the only thing I really changed was NOT using any acids on my cheeks and forehead at all throughout this whole time. I maintain my daily use of Vit C though! 

I’m damn damn damn pleased with the results. My skin isn’t BAD. Like, according to my standards, as long have no breakouts, it’s a GOOD day. But I obviously have plenty of pitted scarrings and pitted scars and it still affects look of texture lah. This is just amazing and I really wanna cry cause hello??? It’s AMAZING?

The laser is supposed to help with pimples, pigmentation and pores and I can clearly say it has DEFINITELY helped in these 3 ‘P’s. 

For my pitted scars, I’m looking forward to trying out fractional laser but that has downtime so I gotta arrange my schedule. 

Idk of anyone who has done fractional laser before so I haven’t seen any real-life results and I’m honestly damn curious about it.