Palladio New Drops! - Eyeland Palette, Matte Lip Cream Color, Highlighting Palette


Spoiled by Palladio! 

They have new colors for their existing range
- 3 new shades for the Matte Lip Cream Color
- Eyeland Vibes eyeshadow in Paradise

Plus a new I’m Glowing Highlighting Palette! This palette is bomb. I have been using it nonstop!


Eyeshadow palettes! Horizon and Sandbar are existing and Paradise is new. 

Horizon is slightly more rosy-brown while Sandbar is definitely more warm-toned brown. Paradise is just totally different tho. It’s mostly shimmer with 2 matte but the shimmers are mostly duochrome. They are DAMN NICE. 

As for quality, these aren’t super pigmented. I had to swipe a few times to get decent coverage but as u can see, it isn’t bad either. I like the Paradise quality the best; maybe cause it’s all shimmer so they swatch easier. If u are a beginner looking for a colorful palette to try out, this is pretty safe!


As for the lip colors, I’m keeping them all. Totally the kind of colors I wear all the time now. 

Velour is burnt rust red, Organza is this terra-cotta shade and Pashmina is in s gorgeous mauve MLBB. 美美 😍 I like dabbing them in the middle and then using my fingers to blend the edges for a gradient effect!


I freaking LOVE the highlighters. They are very soft and not chunky at all. Glow was very skin-like but still bling enough. My fave is the middle champagne shade. It’s almost iridescent and it simply melts into the skin! Looks very very skin-like but not too subtle. The bronze-y shade is too dark but it makes for an easy one shadow shade.