Palladio Oil-Free Foundation/Eyeshadow Palette/Matte Blusher/Velvet Matte Lipstick


Ok I’ve neglected this for months! I’m sure Palladio is a pretty known brand and they have alr been in Guardian for awhile alr. I have been trying some of these out and feel like the products can honestly contest the more well-known ones but all talk is fluff so let’s see pictures and before/after for the foundation!


I have been using the blush many many many times. Peach Ice has been my pick mostly! It’s this light coral peachy shade that actually brings a’lil life into my skin without making me look too blushed-up. It’s also subtle and pigmentation is just-nice, I feel. U don’t want a blush that’s too pigmented cause you run the risk of looking clownish and it’s always harder to remove then add on. 

Berry Pink is too girly for me but BayBerry is love for night use when I want an additional OOMPH.


The also have easy-to-use, decently pigmented and compact shadow palettes! My fave is Copper N Chic and Green To Go. I have really hazel eyes under the sun and green makes them even more so. And palette with warm browns are always useful?? I’ve never met a person who dislike a brown eyeshadow palette lol. This one even comes with highlighter, a crease shade, a nice copper brown and a dark one to deepen the corners. 

Beginners looking for a decent palette can try this!


I am not a huge fan of the lip products cause of the shades. I realized the 8 lip products I bought last week (DONT JUDGE) were all almost the same shade LOLOL it’s mostly rosy-browns. I’ve outgrown these shades alr but to my adventurous makeup-fanatics, these are actually very decent. These are highly pigmented and really smooth. I only kept Suede out of all the shades. Not surprising hahaha


I actually enjoyed this base more than the Bourjois B.B.! I’m currently testing the Bourjois foundation so review will be up next! Then followed by the Innisfree Smart Drawing one lol. So many foundations, one face.

This Palladio one brightened my skin up and took away redness even tho it wasn’t very yellow-based? More pinkish-peach. Also has slight blurring properties. But I feel like it oxidizes - not a lot but just a tad on me.


Plus this is oil-free and has a matte finish - great for those of you who prefer smth not so dewy! It’s a light-medium coverage foundation and rather buildable. 

I actually had it for over 10 hours and it wore great. I wasn’t even tacky-oily at the end of the night and it was still pretty matte. What was great is that it wasn’t drying??? I had no tight sensation and I was in and out of air-condition the whole time so I was very pleasantly surprised.