ABH X Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit - Swatches

😱😍😱😍 Are y'all ready for this

Omg this is so stunning. I saw so many pics of this in shatters upon delivery but thankfully, Sephora took feedback into account. I think those were the early releases.

I only got mine on the actual release date and it came v v wrapped! There was a piece of styrofoam wrapped around it and it was in a bubble-wrapped ziplock bag! πŸ‘πŸΌ

The announcement of the Kylie's highlighters and Nicole's one came out really closely and I decided to use $40 to get the Nicole Guerriero's one instead of $22 each for Kylie's. Tbh, its also cause I have been following Nicole on Youtube for quite a while and I like her more than I will ever like Kylie Jenner, let's be real here. 

If u think these are shiny in the photo, wait till I show u the one taken under direct sunlight! All swatches are done with my fingers and also, I show them that way cause otherwise, u won't be able to see the shades lah. Not suppose to wear out liddis πŸ˜‚

Kitty Kat is a peachy pink with a slight gold undertone. Forever Young, my favourite is also on the peachy pink side but waaaay lighter. It has more of a pastel tone to it. Daydream is straight-up coral and I wanna use it with my Kylie πŸ‘ palette!

Forever Lit is really lit okay. It is a BLINDING white with iridescent tone to it. Like, this is crazy and I can only imagine how GLOWY one will look with this. Like an LED bulb, I would suppose.

Glo Getter and 143 looks really similar and I tried my best to get the best pic true to color but it's easier to differentiate these irl than in swatches. Glo Getter is a stunning rosegold while 143 is more of a true gold!

I had really good lighting so I took a comparison shot as well. Ones taken under shade (in my room essentially) and one is under direct sunlight.

Forever Lit is cray right. I now have one sparkling arm btw. I look like I have 1/8 of Edward Cullen's bloodline in me or smth. I'm leaving a trail sparkles everywhere I go now.

I was pretty confident I would be able to dupe the palette (or at least some shades) with the Bhcosmetics X Carli Bybel Palette but nope! Don't have leh. But if you're on a budget, the Carli Bybel palette's quality is πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. Plus I'm gonna say it - the quality is highly similar. Sure, Nicole's one is slightly better lah of course, but if u apply it the highlighter way, then I feel like the difference is barely there.

Everything was pretty true to the pan, I must say! The glitz is just wow ✨

I only tried these on twice but I haven't actually took any pictures but first impression? These are definitely made to blind. There wasn't any obvious chunky glitter and went on really smoothly. It made my cheeks look blindingly wet! I would say, if you are not a fan of the glow, then perhaps picking up a more subtle highlighter would be better! However, if you live for glow, shine and blind, then pick this up! Definitely worth it. I wouldn't be using the darker shades as highlighter but as eyeshadows instead so I get full use out of the entire palette~