ABH Lip Gloss - Fudge

I rmbr when ABH first came out with their contour kit and then their liquid mattes omg I coveted the latter SO MUCH! Funny thing is I don't own an ABH liquid lipstick up to date ๐Ÿ™ƒ I just, along the way found other alternatives and stuff. 

Anyw, I got a sample of this and of course I wasn't disappointed. It's in the shade Fudge and it's stunning!

It's this yummy chocolate brown as the name states and its stunning, isnt it!

Upon smelling the product and applying it, I realize it really really really reminded me of the NYX Intense Butter Gloss. Both smells super sweet but the scent doesn't linger long and the texture are so so similar! See how pigmented they swatch! 

Oh but the ABH is of slightly better quality cause it doesn't bleed AS BADLY but the NYX one always bleeds terribly if I don't line first.

The brushes are flat paddle style but the NYX one is longer. The brushes don't really affect me in any way and thick pigmented gloss tends to bleed anyway, so nth much to complain. 

Anyw, these are really pigmented and feels so luxe. Makes me wanna try the others but I would still go for mattes at this point still!