ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 6.38.32 PM.png

Say hello to the Modern Renaissance palette! I HAD TO flatlay this. The palette was just too pretty to not. It went so perfectly with my dried lavender 😍 First off, I love the suede cover. It feels so luxe and looks pretty bomb. The dusty shade of purple is so pleasing as well. Major loves for the packaging! #packagingsucker

Top row! 

Omg first impression?? Super super creamy and such awesome quality. 

Tempera is super super pink as a highlight for my brow bones. Like really too pastel pink. But omg Golden Ochre is like a crease-dream-shade come true. Sooooo beautiful for a warm transition shade. 

Vermeer gave me goosebumps. Look. At. Dat. Shade. LOOK AT IT. Omg I kept staring at it. It's this pale cool-toned shimmer that swatched so beautifully. I feel like I have alot of shadow shade that resembles Buon Fresco so that was alright for me. It would make a pretty crease color, I must say!

Antique Bronze looks like it will make a pretty purple bronzy smokey eye. Love Letter is a beautiful magenta but it was rather patchy to swatch. I tried it with a brush and it blended pretty well tho! And Cyprus, omg so so pigmented. It's a dark brown but it appeared almost black.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 6.38.58 PM.png

Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange are beautiful warm-tone browns with Burnt Orange, well, being more orange. These 2 are my go-to crease colors these days and I see them hitting pan really soon. 

Primavera is as pretty as Vermeer but in a champagne-peach shimmer instead. These shimmer formulas are amazeballs. 

Venetian is a pretty burgundy and it came out patchy on swatch too but performed better with a brush. Warm Taupe is...a warm taupe HAHAHA. Red Ochre and Realgar swatched much better than I expected and omg I love the two shades so much. I don't own any orange like Realgar so I'm gonna be playing a lot with it. So warm and so gorgeous. 

Ta-dah~ Looking at this makes me so happy!

I went ahead and did 3 eye looks and did pictorials to accompany them. I went with a day, a night and one somewhat sorta in between? 

Look 1

I think this is the simplest one and a good day-look so I shall start with this. These are the 3 shades I used.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 6.58.09 PM.png

1. Using a crease brush, I applied Bon Fresco in the crease (ok duh) and just brought it halfway in. Just build up the shade till u like it. 

2. Using an angled brush and picking a teeny bit of Red Ochre (a teeeeeeny bit cause it's super pigmented) and placed it right at the outer corner and blending it together with Bon Fresco

3. Using a flat packing brush, I applied Vermeer all on my lid space and blend it into Red Ochre

4. I ran a little Red Ochre under my lower lashline & applied liner!

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 6.58.22 PM.png

Sorry I totes skipped mascara but that's it! This is a v subtle burgundy look cause of the purple and red.
Also, I'm very bias towards the pink shimmer (Vermeer). It is SO BEAUTIFUL. 

The picture doing unjustice. Vermeer and Primavera are SUPER PRETTY 😍

This look is inspired by.....I think Nikkietutorial's YT video but I toned it down by like, 10000x πŸ˜‚

Look 2

Look 2 is definitely on the warmer side and it's actually similar to Look 1 except it's alil darker.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 6.58.49 PM.png

1. Using a crease brush, I applied Golden Ochre in my crease and blend it out halfway

2. Using an angled brush, I picked up a mix of Red Ochre and Realgar and placed it at the outer corner and dragging it slightly into the crease. Blend with Golden Ochre

3. Using a small detail pencil brush, I took a SMALL amount of Cyprus and placed it at the outer corner. Just a teeny bit. U can hardly see it πŸ˜‚

4. With a flat packing brush, I applied Primavera all over the lid space and I'm done

Oh I also ran Red Ochre under my lower lash line and that's the final look! Definitely warmer than the first one. 

I think this look is inspired from MannyMUA's one. I really really don't like him πŸ˜’ but his eye lid space and all are very workable for most people so I like to watch his tutorials.

Look 3

I went full-on (for me lah) dramatic for this and picked a halo-kinda look. Oh I used Colourpop shadow in Kathleenlights for this as well.

1. Using a crease brush, I applied Raw Sienna in my crease area and using a smaller detailed crease brush, I went directly into the crease and applied Burnt Orange there to concentrate the color

2. Using a packing brush, I applied Red Ochre in my outer and inner lid space and blending it into the crease. Leave middle space blank. 

3. Using a small crease brush, I used a little Love Letter where I placed Red Ochre, just to add abit more purple into the look.

4. With my finger, I packed Colourpop Kathleenlights right in the middle and I used Golden Ochre to blend everything out more

Then I went in with liner and applied gel liner in my tight & waterline to make it more intense. I also ran a bit of Red Ochre and Realgar on my lower lash line. 

Overall, this palette is a good buy fo'realz. I think I love these pigmentation more than UD ones πŸ™Š but then again, I only own the Naked series so maybe it's better for other brighter palettes. I also like the variety in this more! 

I generally like colors haha and the fact that this has shades suitable from day-night wear makes it awesome. I also like that I can work multiple looks with this alone and I don't really HAVE to bring in other palettes. Makes life easier. 

Now I wanna try the Mario palette! My Christmas wish list seemed to be extending by the second. How on earth do I want to own all makeup. HOW.