Clio Nudism Velvetwear Foundation - Review!


Again, sold by packaging. The Clio Nudism Velvetwear Foundation (izzit new??) caught my eye with its gorgeous pale nude-blush color and I got it. BY-3 is a yellow-toned fair shade and it’s a TEENY bit light on me but I made it work with some contouring so that’s fine. There’s only 3 shades so I didn’t have much choice. One up would have been waaaay too pink on me.


It blends beautifully and has a decent light-medium coverage. But I do not like how it emphasizes dry lines and patches. 

I did set it and wore it for 7-8 hours but it just didn’t last as nicely. At the end, I could see patchiness and my base wasn’t reacting very well with it. I’m gonna switch up my products and see if that makes an improvement. 

This is crazy ex. Imo. For a product in Watsons, it’s ex. It does come with a matching pretty brush but I used my beauty blender so it didn’t matter to me. I wished it would be cheaper without the brush. The brush is just another weird solo addition to my collection so meh. 

I don't think this product is worth the price tag. It works fine, don't get me wrong, but there are a lot of drugstore products that work beautifully without the hefty tag!


I gave the foundation a second chance and switched up my moisturizer. Instead of using the Lotus Fresh one, I used my beloved Mamonde Cermiade one and it turned out freaking amazing.

I wore it for close to 10 hours, did MAJOR housework for 2 works including bathing Paris and it looked as fresh as when I first applied it. My contour, highlight and blush were all beautifully intact and my skin still looked like skin. I wasn't oily nor was the foundation breaking apart!

I was so impressed that I thought this review definitely needed to be edited! However, I am still on the fence about the price lah tbh.